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Inside Activity Ideas During the Stay in Your Residential Log Cabin in Autumn

Residential log cabins offer a unique and healthy lifestyle. Apart from the health benefits, living in a residential log cabin is fun and enjoyable. Different seasons bring with them different joyous experiences.

Wooden cabins enable you to live in proximity to nature and therefore, you can enjoy each season. Autumn is a nice time to relax and enjoy the time. Winter, which is the next season, may not allow you the luxury of having a great time due to the extreme cold.

Hence, autumn is the best time when you can spend some quality time with your family and friends outside your log house – in the garden or inside the cabin indulging yourself in fun activities. Not just children but even adults can have fun this season.

Hosting a Party

You do not need a special occasion to throw a party. Invite your friends to your unique wooden abode and let them see the beauty of your residential log cabin from the inside as well as outside. Invite them to see the exotic and unique décor items that you have placed in your log house.

Treat them with the fruits you have grown in the garden of your residential log cabin. Serve them drinks in unique glasses and have fun with them while they admire the beauty of your splendid wooden home.

Prepare for Halloween

Autumn is the time to get ready for Halloween. Choose décor items that will contribute to the overall theme of Halloween. Place little "scary" objects in your residential log cabin. These small objects act as essential elements of the Halloween theme. Bring the pumpkins and carve faces in them. Fix lights and keep them ready for the occasion.

Clean the House

Winter will follow autumn and hence it is essential that your wooden cabin is in the right shape to face the extremities of the harsh winter weather. Check the wooden walls for any cracks. If the roofs have any splits, fill them up to avoid the snow from entering through these cracks or splits.

Filling these gaps in the walls and roofs will also reinforce the natural insulation of the wood used to build your residential log cabin. Check if all the heating and ventilation equipment installed inside your residential log cabin are functions. Clean the fireplace and make preparations to light it when the temperature drops.

Prepare Apple Cider Cocktails

Autumn is the right time to make apple cider cocktails. If you have apples in the garden outside of your residential log cabin, just pluck a few and start making your cider. If you do not have them planted in your yard, just buy them from the market. You can learn about several types of apple cider cocktails and try making them in your house.

Make an Apple Pie

Making an apple pie in autumn is a fun activity. You can also involve your kids in making apple pies. Kids are surely going to love eating the apple pies they would make. It is an enjoyable activity to make an apple pie in the comfortable kitchen of your log home.

You can also place a few cane baskets in your kitchen that match the theme of your residential cabin and keep apples in them. Kids are going to love this activity of collecting apples from the garden and placing them in the baskets that will then be used for making apple pies.

Make Your Winter Wear

Autumn is the right time to knit your sweater or stitch a winter coat. The cosy climate of autumn makes it easy to prepare for winter. Autumn offers a pleasant weather that is not too cold and not too hot.

It is the right time to prepare for the winter and as a fun indoor activity, you can make a few winter clothes for you and your family at this period of the year. You can also stitch few matching cushions and even curtains that match the interiors of your residential log cabins.

Be Creative with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween. Colouring them or creating designs on them and using these pumpkins to decorate the house is a beautiful activity for the little kids in autumn. Get involved with kids in this activity and help them develop their creativity.

Ask them to cut shapes on pumpkins and colour them to match the interiors of your residential log cabin. You can also use these pumpkins to decorate your wooden home.

Play Indoor Games with Kids

You garden might be filled with fallen leaves and the temperature would start to drop in autumn. Spend the evening time playing with kids. Your children will certainly enjoy playing with you. Help them solve puzzles or use Lego bricks to build something. Nurture their creativity and spend some quality time with them.

Family Dinner

The cosy and comfortable autumn environment coupled with the pleasant ambience of your residential log cabin offers a chance to have a memorable family dinner. Even if there is no special occasion, you can enjoy a nice family dinner in your beautiful residential log cabin this autumn.

Make a Bouquet

Autumn is the season when leaves and flowers fall from trees. Residential log cabins usually have gardens around them. The garden around your cabin will be full of leaves and flowers that have fallen in autumn. Collect them and use them to make bouquets. You can make bouquets with several different-coloured flowers. Involve the kids in this activity which will help them improve their creativity.

Make Decorative Items of the Fallen Leaves

Collect the fallen leaves and make decorative items out of them such as a garland. You can decorate your residential log cabin with these garlands such as hang them over windows. It will help your residential log cabin to blend with the natural beauty of trees and plants outside.

Spending autumn in your residential log cabin is an unmatched experience. It is a remarkable way to get involved in family activities, play with kids and also to spend some peaceful and quiet time.

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