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Increase Your Productivity with The Insulated Garden Office Devon

If you work for home and are tired of being cooped up inside your house, you might want to consider moving your office into the garden. You can find great deals on garden offices in your area like an insulated garden office Devon. This article will explain why it is a great idea to work closer to nature and help you decide if the insulated garden office Devon is right for you.


What is a Garden Office?

A garden office is an outdoor structure much like a shed, but one which has been specifically designed to be used as an office. This means that, like in the insulated garden office Devon, it will have been fitted with double-glazed windows so that you can be comfortable inside regardless of the whether outside.

What are The Benefits of The Insulated Garden Office Devon?

   *  Garden offices are very cost effective. The insulated garden office Devon is economical and you will get a whole new structure for almost as much as it takes to repurpose a room into a home office. Additionally, many homeowners decide to install solar panels on garden offices which will reduce your energy bills substantially in the long run.  You can even install small wind mills that can power your office. Plus, the insulated garden office Devon can be fully financed.insulated-log-cabin-devon-garden-office

   *  The insulated garden office Devon will cause no disruption to your home as it comes pre-built and installation is a snap. You can get working in your office in a day or two.

   *  Home owners can also write off the expense of the insulated garden office Devon as a business expense which will allow them to get back their VAT, capital allowances and can even help you to avoid CGT. The energy bills for the office can also be claimed as a business running expense. You can even claim on the council tax, interest on financing and utilities.insulated-log_cabin_devon_-garden-office-20ft_by_13ft_44mm_kit_for_sale_uk

   *  The insulated garden office Devon is also a great aesthetic addition to your garden. It is made from slow-grown spruce from Scandinavia and pine from Norway which gives it a clean and sleek look which fits in nicely with the natural surroundings.

   *  Additionally, the structure is built to last with moisture resistant doors and windows and hinges that are rated to withstand being open and shy more than 100,000 times without faults. The wood used is also very dense which makes it very resistant to rotting.insulated-log-cabin-devon-garden-office2

   *  The structure is also versatile- if you decide to not use it as an office, you can always convert the insulated garden office Devon into a games room for the children or use it as a workshop.

   *  The insulated garden office Devon is also a very eco-friendly structure. With double glazing on the doors and windows and two separate panes of glass, the interior will be naturally heated in the cooler months and illuminated through the large panes. This will keep the energy bills down and decrease the carbon footprint of your home and you business.

   *  Having a home office is in itself a great way to lower your emissions contribution as you are not commuting every day. However, a garden room gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you not have to go too far, but you can get a break from your house as it is a separate defined space external to your living area. The insulated gerden cabin Devon is a great way to leave the worries of the house behind you but not have to travel too far.insulated-log-cabin-devon-garden-office3

   *  Being around nature is always a good way to reduce your stress. And being in your garden is a calm and quiet environment for work. If you have kids at home who can make a racket, the insulated garden office Devon can help you put some distance between them and you.

These are just some of the many advantages of installing a garden office in your home. Talk to an expert to understand all the details and help you make the choice.

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