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How to Increase the Beauty of Your Log House Using Wood, Metal and Stone Elements

One of the latest trends in log house décor is the seemingly contradictory idea that a rustic interior design can be modern. Even though, generally, people associate rustic design with farmhouse plans and contemporary design with glass, metal and modern construction, it is wrong to believe that modern and rustic design elements can never be complementary. On the contrary, combining the two types of design elements can be a very good way of decorating a log house. Side by side with sleek modern décor, rustic touches work very well. The term “rustic” is not so much about an ordinary lifestyle; it is more about using the elements of nature to decorate the interior. Like using relaxing and warm earth tones and including natural materials.

Combining country and modern décor plans for decorating a log house can mean combining rustic materials like slate flooring, exposed ceiling beams and a kitchen with modern stainless steel appliances, glass shelving and plastic laminated cabinets. The end result will be a modern kitchen which is serviceable and has a cosy, rustic feel. Modern design on the other hand, is about smooth surfaces like stainless steel and glass and the use of bold colours. Rustic décor is all about bringing a feeling of the outdoors inside, using natural stone, earth tones or wood surfaces or wrought iron. Combining elements of both styles can produce a comfortable and attractive home which mixes the best of old and new under a single roof.

Using elements like wood, stone and metal you can easily give your residential log cabin a very eye-catching, classy and unique look and feel. Using these elements also has huge significance according to feng shui. There are five elements that are the foundation of feng shui which include wood, earth (stone), metal, fire and water. These elements work together to balance the ‘qi’ in our surroundings. Feng shui is basically used to balance and create harmony in one’s surroundings. Let’s try and find out how you can use these elements to decorate your log house and what significance they have according to feng shui.

Stone: Common architectural elements made from solid stone that can be used to increase a log house's beauty include marble mouldings, marble staircases, granite counter tops, fireplaces etc. You can also incorporate different types including marble limestone, granite and terracotta easily into the kitchen, bathroom, as a fireplace surround and as a decorative element in your rustic furniture. Granite is very strong and can be used for counter tops  Limestone due to its great absorbent quality works nice for baths. As per feng shui, the earth element can be represented by colours such as light yellow, tan and light brown. Ceramic pottery, pebbles and stones are objects that are connected to these elements and can be used when decorating your log house. Fashionable pieces made of stone offer a great alternative to log home owners looking to add style without changing the complete look. You can find attractive sculptures, decorative bowls or spectacular floral arrangements made of different types of stones. Stone end tables and coffee tables can also give living rooms a nice facelift. You can also find pieces of furniture like stunning cabinets, desks, dining tables etc. that combine stone with metal, wood and other elements. Log cabins have a touch of natural landscapes and stones add more to it.

Metal: According to feng shui a metal element can be represented by colours like silver, grey and white. Metal frames, wind chimes, and vases are objects that are connected to this element and can be used as decorative items in areas lacking metal. Rich and designer furniture made of wrought iron can be a great addition in your residential log house. Pieces of furniture made of wrought iron not only look extremely nice and elegant but are also very durable and sturdy. Additionally, you can accommodate traditional décors made of metal like brass, bronze and silver. Bronze or metal sculptures and books are typical accessories of a traditional log house. Chandeliers made of metal can also be a nice addition in your cabin. Decorative items made of metal are available in an assortment of designs and help meet a variety of purposes. Metal vases in the corner of the log cabin can accentuate the décor without making it look loud. You can also search for old metal pieces if you are looking for something exceptionally good with a vintage look and feel to it. Fruit or vegetable baskets made of metal can also be a nice addition to your log kitchen. These baskets are available in different designs and styles, making it easier for you to choose one that can best help you complete the look of your ideal log home.

Wood: According to feng shui the wood element can be represented by the colours brown and green. Flowers and living plants are objects that are connected to this element and can be used as decorative items in areas lacking wood. When decorating a log house using wood, you can use stone bar wooden worktops, wooden cabinets, wooden furniture etc. to enhance not only the aesthetics of your residential log house but also to give it a very comfortable look and feel. Wooden furniture has always been a preferred choice not only for log cabins but for other types of architecture as well. Natural wood with a clear protective finish is a popular choice for log cabin kitchens. Depending on how rustic you would like the décor to be, the wood can be either be clear pine or knotty, maple, hickory, cherry, cedar or oak. You can also get in contact with custom furniture manufacturers to have them build cabinet doors and drawers with fronts matching the look of the walls. You can also use these elements when buying appliances and a sink. Look for a large single bowl or apron sink made of hammered copper, granite, cast iron fireclay, soapstone or stainless steel. These sinks are deep and wide, making them exceptionally functional. They also have a rustic feel that goes with the natural beauty of any log house. Appliances can be either stainless steel or with wood panels.

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