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Hunter’s Style Decorating Tips for Log Cabins

Log cabins are getting immensely popular all across the globe, in such instances if you want your log cabin to stand out and have an exceptionally unique look and feel, then it is important that you design its interior thoughtfully. You can also choose a theme to design the interior of the residential log cabin. Fortunately, there are varieties of great themes available to make your task easier.

One of the rarest and extremely classy themes is that of hunter’s style log cabin. Hunter’s style log cabins are known for their rich, classy and rustic look. You can also try giving your timber cottage a hunter style interior and impress your guests. Here are few tips that will help you decorate cozy cabin of your dreams. (If you don't have a log cabin yet, you can find more useful information about them here).

When choosing paints for interior, choose earthy tones, and avoid choosing any shades of blue or coral colors. For hunter’s style log cabin interior anything harsh looking won’t be the apt choice. Keep to warm inviting shades, like soft greens that are very light you can also go for shades of browns. Wood paneling can also prove to be a great choice, when designing interior of log cabin. Always remember that paint color play a significant role in giving the residential log cabin the look your desire. So, choose wisely.

A nice fireplace or wooden stove can be a nice addition in your hunter style log cabin. Surprisingly a huge variety of fireplaces are available, including but not limited to: brick fireplace, stone fireplace, steel fireplace and more. The woodstoves can be used not only to heat your home but also to cook on. In addition, they add to the environment of the cabin you put in. When deciding whether to install a fireplace or wooden stove, make sure you take factors like energy efficiency and your usage in consideration as well, along with just aesthetics. Fireplaces are known to increase the aesthetics and romantic feel of the place where they are installed but are comparatively inefficient devices for heating. While wooden stove on the other hand, are more energy efficient but not look very pleasing. If you want to install the fireplace merely to increase the aesthetics of the timber cottage and get that perfect cozy look then brick fireplace and stone fireplace will look best for hunter style cabin.

Right choice of carpets will also help you get the perfect look of the hunter style log cabin. You must go for dark colors. Chocolate wears great and for hunter style of decorating, chances are you will be able to get the perfect look. Forest green will make a nice choice too, although some lighter greens and shades of red look nice and wear okay as long as you are not trying to match the walls. Pergo is a great pick, darker stains in hardwood on the floors looks appealing to the eye. Honey colored stains in hardwood on the floors also look good, but they don’t catch your eye the way darker stains do.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your log cabin, you have varieties of choices. You can either go for easy chair and couches in leather or get rustic style log cabin furniture, both will look exceptionally good in the residential log cabin and will not only help you get the desired look and feel but will also give your timber cottage a comfortable look and feel. When choosing furniture, remember don’t try to match them with the floors or walls in color, they should look like separate pieces in and of themselves.

Antlers are must, when decorating your log cabin hunter style. But remember don’t overdo antlers. Without a doubt they look great, but too many can be distracting. Assortments of décor pieces are available ranging from chandeliers to clocks, mirrors, candle holder and more.

Lighting should also be thoughtfully chosen. When everything is just at right place, you simply can’t afford to go wrong with lighting, and remember lighting plays a significant role in completing the look and feel of the log cabin. You can try antique chandeliers to complete the décor of the log cabin.

So, go ahead and try these decorating tips to decorate your log cabin hunter’s style.

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