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How To Increase Bathroom Storage Space

Many people complain that they lack adequate bathroom storage space in their log cabins. While your bathroom may be smaller than your needs call for, you can always create more room. It all comes down to organising the space and making some changes to the hardware in place. Use everything you have in the room to your advantage. And while you’re at it, be sure to avoid cluttering the space such that it feels busy. How can you do this? Well, below are some of the steps you can take to increase your storage space.

Step One: Arrange the Cabinet Space

More often than not, people lose small items in the bathroom cabinets. They end up spending a lot of time looking for these items, and this can leave them frustrated. Also, small items often make a cabinet look disorganised and are hard to reach. The solution to this lies in the use of a rotating tray. Place this on top of the cabinet and use it to hold the small items and bottles you often need. This includes your lotions, shampoos, makeup kits, and other such things. The next time you finish showering, you can place these items on the tray for easy access. And this leaves you with more space in the cabinets for larger items. See? You now have more room.

How easy is it for you to retrieve your styling tools when you need them? You could be late for work, yet you end up spending at least ten minutes trying to untangle the curling iron from the blow dryer. Not only do these tools take up space, they also make the cabinet setup look disorganised. The key to solving this is getting a tool holder on which you can hang your styling tools. Install the tool holder towards the lower end of the cabinet. In this way, it can remain out of sight and create more room for other items on the upper levels. You will also not knock over other things when retrieving your tools.

The space under your sink can serve more purposes if you install sliding drawers in it. You should buy high-quality sliding drawers in which you can place towels and other such things. They will not interfere with anything, given that they are under the sink. Ensure that the drawers slide out smoothly such that the items contained therein do not end up getting jostled.

You might find that the space under the sink is not adequate for the installation of sliding drawers. In this case, you can opt to use an organiser instead. Customise the organiser such that it is a perfect fit for this space. You may be lucky and find one that fits without having to use exact measurements from your bathroom. You will need some mounting brackets to keep the structure steady. Given that this storage will be open, it is best for bottles and small items that you can’t easily reach in the cabinet.

Separation is the key to organising any space. It helps if you had individual spaces for different items. For example, you cannot have cotton swabs in the same place as the towels, as this will make access hard. Where you cannot add additional space, you can make do with what you have. Start by dividing the cabinet space with some plastic containers to ensure that items remain separate. That way, when you look for something, you will not end up messing up the whole cabinet. Ensure that the containers fit tightly, or else they will move and this will work against your intentions.

Avoid cluttering the space, even as you try to create more room for bathroom items. You want to keep the room as clear as you can such that it does not have a busy vibe to it. And the way to do this is to keep everything hidden. Take, for example, the wastebasket. You can choose to leave it out in the open to create more room for other items, but in doing so you will compromise on the neatness of your space. So have it in a cabinet instead and look for ways to create room for added items. In the end, the room will feel airier and brighter, making it one of your favourite spaces.

Step Two: Use Wall Storage

If organising your cabinet storage does not give you the space you need, the next step is to add more shelving. When doing this, you must consider the style in your bathroom, such that all additions match with the theme. Add the shelves on the walls going up to the ceiling. For items that you often use, the placement should be on the lower shelves. Keep things that you rarely use on the upper shelves. Alternatively, you could move the seldom-used items to other rooms in the house to avoid cluttering the bathroom.

As you go higher, based on your storage needs, you can place shelves on the levels that you cannot reach. And this may tempt you to spread the shelving over a wider area. Instead of doing this and affecting the aesthetic value of the space, go vertical and use a step stool for access.

If you still need more room, you can consider adding floating shelves above the toilet. However, it would help if you thought about the need for all this space. It is especially so if you have already implemented the steps above.

Step Three: Remove the Clutter

At this point, you should have all the storage you need for the bathroom. If not, consider removing items you do not need to have in the bathroom. If you live alone, you can choose to have one or two towels in the bathroom instead of five. Remove the extra shampoo and conditioner bottles. De-clutter each week, and you will end up creating more room for things that you do need. You should probably start with this before making any changes to your space.

Organising log cabins (check there log cabins) also involves keeping the bathroom looking spick and span. With these steps in play, there is no reason why this space should not live up to your expectations. All the best!

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