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Henry's Devon log cabin

When Henry contacted us he was intending to purchase a wooden garage as a workshop where he could create his reduced plan models (what an interesting hobby indeed!). However, after we had discussed his idea, Henry decided that a Devon log cabin would suit his needs better than a garage as it has more windows and is as spacious as the garage. Also, Henry would be able to use the log cabin as a leisure room or garden office as well.

Garden office Devon 6m x 4m 20ft by 13ft 44mm double glazedWhen the time came to deliver the log cabin to Henry’s place, it appeared to be that the gates into his yard were too narrow for the truck carrying the cabin package to pass through. But thanks to our skilled hauliers this issue was sorted out by simply lifting the package over the fence using the crane that all our trucks are equipped with; meaning the log cabin package was placed in the exact place where Henry wanted to install it.

Henry erected the Devon cabin by himself ‒ he happily states that it turned out to be easier than he first expected. We are very grateful to Henry for showing trust in our judgement and for choosing one of our log cabins.dv1 dv2Dv3dv4DV5dv6dv7dv8dv9devon log cabin (1) devon log cabin (2)

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