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Your Guide to Wooden Carport Designs

When your four wheeler is parked on the street it is exposed to number of damaging elements, such as exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, which can contribute to the gradual fading of the finish. Also, there is huge risk of scratches and damage ‒ if your car accidently gets hit by any hard object like a baseball or a skateboard from kids playing on the street then it will definitely be damaged. Bird droppings are another problem when your car is parked on the open street. Due to all these reasons, most homeowners consider getting some kind of shelter for their valuable vehicle or vehicles.

When it comes to buying and erecting a car shelter then most people have two choices. The first is a garage and second one is a carport. Choosing one amongst these can be really difficult. If we talk garages then separate or attached fully built enclosed garages can be a very complicated and pricey endeavour, not only in terms of finances but also time. On the other hand, carports are a great solution to provide shelter for your four as well as your two wheelers. Carports could be completely standalone and completely separate from the house or semi-attached. There are numerous benefits of carports, but one key benefit is its cost to benefit ratio. Carports generally provide equal protection to a car comparative to a standard garage and cost a fraction of the price of conventional garages.

Carports are also covered parking structures which can be used to park one or more vehicles. Unlike garages they are open in construction and as a result provide better ventilation and they are also a lot easier to assemble. There are a lot of choices such as metal which usually come in two types ‒ steel carports and aluminium carports; or you could go for a wooden carport. Wood is a really good material for carport construction. Carports made of wood are long lasting and can be exploited for generations to come. When compared to wooden carports, metal carports are less durable. Timber carports again have numerous styles and designs available. So, it is important that you research the designs and styles that are available and consider your needs and requirements before making your choice.

Let’s discuss some of the really popular wooden carport designs in order to understand how one is different from the other and which can best help you meet your car shelter requirements.

Standalone wooden carport: Standalone or freestanding timber carports as the name suggests are removed from any existing structure and are supported only by the canopies own posts. This is a great option if the adjoining structure is of inadequate strength to provide support, like a wooden fence, or if you want to install a carport in your backyard or garden. They are also the best option in terms of flexibility and accessibility. Sturdy posts are used to support and hold the complete structure in place. Find more information about wooden carport designs here.

Attached wooden carports: These types of carports on the other hand need a durable construction like a sidewall and shed in order to fully establish itself. This will assist in maximising a limited outdoor space.

Different Wooden Carport Designsaccording to Roof Lines:

A flat roof wooden carport design: the term flat roof in itself is self explanatory. The roof is flat, so if you live in an area where there is heavy snow fall or rain, then these are not for you because snow and water can accumulate on the top of it. This can produce hazards to things kept under the carport as well as being damaging to the roof. People living in warm climates can consider flat roof wooden carports. A flat roof design is easy to install, less expensive and low in maintenance.

Shed Roof wooden carport design: For snowy areas, the shed roof or single slope roof is more appropriate. Also it is an easier way to connect a roof to another building.

Gabled roof wooden carport design: A gabled roof is similar to a simple house roof line. Among the three types of roof construction, this one is the strongest. Also it offers a runoff for the elements and decreases the accumulation of water and snow on the top of the carport. This roof line also provides more versatility and wider spans than flat roof design. You can choose from roof pitch of 11, 15, 22, 30 and 45° to meet the design requirements of current building design.

Vertical Roof: This type of wooden carport is designed with vertical roof panels and an “A” frame roof truss. A hat channel runs the length of the unit to cross brace the roof and offer an escalating point for the panels of the roof. This design assists in preventing weathering elements like snow and rain from resting on your building.

Different Wooden Carport Designs According to Size:

Single wooden carport: If you only have one car and need shelter only for that, then single style would best help you protect your car from the harmful elements.

Double wooden carport: As the name suggests this style or design of carport is best suited for individuals who own two cars. They are more spacious and bigger in size; depending on your needs you can choose the roof style.

Different Wooden Carport Ddesigns According to Design:

Regular style carports: These are very simple and basic structures. They just have a certain number of beams and a roof. They work great for individuals who want to have a carport in their garden or backyard and just need protection from water, snow and bird droppings. It is the original design that all other designs are based on. Also, the regular style unit is generally the most affordable and economical structure.

Boxed wooden carport: Boxed structures are designed with horizontal roof panels and an “A” frame roof truss. This latest design has made this style unit one of most popular choices. This style of carport is both affordable and stylish. So, if you want a carport that provides shelter to your car as well as adding style and elegance to your house then these styles are simply the best. ‒ and they are also very affordable.

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