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Get to Know All About Wooden Carports Before You Buy One

Today, most homeowners are attracted to pocket friendly solutions when it comes to making their house more functional and comfortable. For example, when considering getting a shelter for cars, the option of a carport is certainly budgetary when compared to a garage. Although, it doesn’t offer the same comprehensive protection as a garage, it is sufficient for keeping vehicles protected from severe weather conditions such as heat, snow and rain. If you are worried about finding a carport (if you do not want to have a garage) to fit your budget, we advise that you plan cautiously. Considering every aspect will help you to make the right decision regarding the carport that meets your requirements.

Firstly, it is important to understand what a carport is and how it is different from a garage? Basically, a carport is a structure that is used for sheltering cars. They are used as an alternative to a garage. Carports are a lot cheaper but unlike garages they are not enclosed structures. Mainly, a carport has four posts and a roof, which is adequate to shelter any vehicle. Apart from these structures costing less than a garage, depending on what design and style you choose, it can add to the overall look of your home.  Look through various designs and consider what material will best suit your requirements.

Yes, carports are available in a range of material types including aluminium, steel, fabric and wood. Amongst all these, however, wooden carports are more popular with homeowners, due to their look, ease of availability and installation and their pricing. However, not all wooden carports are the same; they differ in their designs, durability and price. Here we list a few really important points that you should be aware of at the time of buying a wooden carport.

Find out what kinds of elements your car needs protection from: This might sound surprising to you but it is a fact that depending on the elements that your wooden carport will have to withstand, the designing and construction of the carport will differ.  For example, if you live in a wind prone area, then the carport design needs to be stronger and this will cost you more. This expense is necessary or else your carport will be blown with the wind and will be a risk to yourself and others. On the other hand, if you live in a snowy area, then it is important that your wooden carport has a snow loading allowance built into the structural design. The purpose of a carport is to protect your car from snow, rain, and sunrays. In such instances, it is important that the carport you choose is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions your area has to offer.

The quality of wood used to make the wooden carport: A huge variety of woods are available and depending on the wood used, the life and durability of the wooden carport is decided. Wood is mainly classified into two categories, hardwood and softwood. Some wood types look gorgeous but they are not at all durable and sturdy. Thus, if you buy a wooden carport without looking at the type of wood used, then you can’t be sure about the life of the structure. Usually, slow-grown timber is suggested for wooden carports. Conifer timber ‒ a 100% natural material is the best type of wood that you can opt for when choosing a wooden carport. Slow-grown timber is known to be naturally more resistant to rotting and moulding. This slow-grown timber has a higher density as well as an amazing look.

The thickness of the construction: If the logs used in the construction of your wooden carport are not very thick then it will be prone to damage, especially during extreme weather conditions. The best wooden carports are those that come with 10 thick uprights. The 13cm x 6cm guarantees that the carport can stand strong and support the roof suitably. You can be rest assured that whatever you keep under this structure will remain dry and safe. Carports that are in huge demand amongst customers are reinforced with beams of 130mm x 60mm and a triple triangular roof frame construction. These structural specifications ensure the strength and safety of the wooden carport.

Superior quality roof construction: One can have a wooden carport with a gable roof or a flat roof. So, it is important to decide what type of roof can best suffice your needs. In addition, it is recommended that bitumen shingles are used as they are durable, easy to install and heat resistant. The shingles most recommended for timber carports are the ones that meet the requirements of Harmonised European Standard EN 544. These shingles also offer your wooden carport an amazing architectural uniqueness along with a look of the highest quality. Shingles are also available in a variety of colours including dark red, green and others.

Where you buy wooden carport from: A number of options are available; you can either buy a wooden carport from a retailer or directly from a manufacturer. Purchasing from a manufacturer is the more preferred choice, because when buying from a retailer, you can’t be sure of the quality. But, when you buy a carport directly from the manufacturer you can be sure of the quality and you can ask all the questions you want about the structure. Also, when buying directly from the manufacturer you will be able to get better deals in terms of price, as there is no third party included.

Does the manufacturer provide installation services? You should have your wooden carport installed by the same company that you are purchasing the wooden carport from. This is usually a simple and cost-effective solution to having a carport installed and is better than hiring a local contractor.

Pricing of the wooden carport: Wooden carports are available in a range of prices, ranging from moderately priced to top of the range expensive. But, don’t make the budget the sole criteria for choosing a wooden carport. Make sure you find a manufacturer that provides quality as well as competitive pricing.

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