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George's Residential Cabin (Lincoln)

IMG_0432Our client George (from Lincoln) came to us with a special request – a two storey residential cabin Langon with extra skylights to be incorporated into the roof. After various discussions with our professional assembly team George decided on the precise location of the window so that he could enjoy starry nights without venturing outside. IMG_0390IMG_0419IMG_0425IMG_0420Three days of hard work later the Langon is ready to soak up the sun and clear skies in Thorpe On The Hill. Just a few more final cuts and it’ll be ready to go. It’s important not forget that the log house has to be treated, ideally with paint, so George’s Langon is about to get a brand new look. IMG_0721IMG_0723IMG_0730IMG_0731IMG_0724IMG_0752

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