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Garden Log Cabin Terrace: Adjustable PVC Pedestals

When you already have a garden log cabin you may think about building a terrace. This annex extends the area of the house and is closely associated with exterior beauty, relaxation. There is some information you should know before building a terrace:

   *  At first, do not place it on the north side. The best place is the east or the west side of the house, if you wish more sun here.

   *  The second thing - wood. It is better to choose harder wood boards such as impregnated pine, heat-treated softwood boards, larch, wood composite, tropical wood and alike.

   *  The third is preparation of boards surface. Use only those materials, that do not leave the layer. It is better to chose impregnate which soaks deeply into the wood.

However, the main and most important part of wooden terraces are the pedestals. They will keep the weight of both boards and people. The type of the pedestals should be selected taking account into porch size and purpose. Here we will introduce you PVC pedestals with benefits and disadvantages in this article.

PVC pedestals is a relatively new product which has appeared on the market quite recently, and is used as support device for terraces, pools or any other constructions. PVC pedestals  are light weight, easy to fix and are especially solid (support loads of more than 1 tone per pedestal), however the key advantage of PVC pedestals is that they are adjustable in height. It is very convenient when the structure is erected on uneven surface.

Taking into account the features above, the PVC pedestals have been quite frequently used as a foundation for garden log cabins in recent time. The PVC pedestals are simply placed on a stable surface, adjusted at the required height and then have the bearers placed on them.

The most frequent question asked regarding PVC pedestals is ‘How many PVC pedestals do I need for my log cabin?‘ We recommend to make the spacing 1 meter between PVC pedestals.

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