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Great Garden Lighting Ideas for A Beautiful Log Cabin Exterior

A log cabin set up in the middle of a garden, is liked by people all across the globe. The log cabin in itself is a very beautiful and appealing structure and when located in the midst of a green space, the backdrop it creates is simply awe-inspiring. A garden log cabin adds style and glamour to any house. But, generally, people think that installing a log cabin is enough to decorate the garden and make it stand out.

However, you need to work on a number of other elements as well in order to add to the beauty and charm of your garden and log cabin. Garden lighting is one really crucial element to keep your log cabin exterior beautiful. Not everybody understands that by lighting your garden in a different way, you can create a different type of look for your garden. Also, remember, when considering lighting ideas for your garden to keep your log cabin exterior beautiful, your aim should be to illuminate your garden as well as create a perfect look that can brighten up your evenings or make any occasion just that little more special.

When you are putting in so much effort to liven up your garden and make it beautiful, you must ensure that all your effort and beauty can be seen and cherished even in the evening hours, when the sun has gone down. When you have a cosy and comfortable log cabin installed in your garden, you will definitely want to enjoy the evenings in the garden and feel the cool wind on your cheeks, hair and feet. So, the right night lighting is very important. Thoughtfully designed garden lighting will add an extraordinary charm to your outdoor area; your garden will look beautiful, as if it is wearing a festive evening dress. A light system outside your log cabin creates a magical atmosphere and inspired forms.

Garden lighting, including the outdoor lighting of log cabin, represents a system of lighting fixtures. When buying lighting fixtures for your garden, also consider the economics involved in this process, it should increase the beauty of the exterior of log cabin  without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, it is important to make sure that the lighting fixtures do not interfere with the growth of trees and flowers and most importantly it should be safe for the different dwellers of the garden ‒ for individuals, pets and birds. Also, keep in mind the utility of the light fixtures; install them where they are most needed, for example, at the entrance, paths and also the log cabin must be properly illuminated.

Here are a few garden lighting tips that will create magical effects as well as helping you keep your log cabin exterior beautiful:

Diffuse light or light beam: Lighting fixtures for the garden are categorised into two types: open and closed. For the garden, open are more suitable. These lamps are generally oval shaped and you can place them at equal distances from each other. They are generally placed on the boundaries of a particular space and used to light a particular shape or figure: a rectangle, square, circle, etc. The key feature of open lighting is the way they emit light. You can have a diffuse light beam and indirect lighting. You can use direct lighting when you want the object to be continuously visible. This can be a pool, a well, the log cabin and other objects in the garden.

Light coming from below: Built-in lighting is just great for creating that wow effect. Generally, they are installed on the porch by built-in lamps and are arranged underneath in a semi-circle style or in a straight line. They are capable of giving any outdoor space a completely new look.

Lighting an entrance: The entrance area must be properly illuminated in every event. There are many options for it, lamps ‒ lighting fixtures, and lanterns. You can choose something to suit your budget as well as your taste. For above the entrance lighting, diffused light is the most appropriate.

Light the steps to the garden or to thelog cabin: The stairs to the garden or the stairs of the log cabin must be properly illuminated. Here you can use lights with various pots to achieve an interesting look, especially during the hours of darkness. In an outdoor area they work as great eye-catchers.

Pool lighting ideas: If your garden also has a pool, then you can enhance your pool experience with in ground pool lighting. You can either get white light or coloured light depending on the look you wish for your garden.

Lighting the log cabin: Depending on the purposes of your garden log cabin, you can choose the best light scheme and fixtures for your log cabin. A variety of chandeliers, lanterns and lamps are available, to help you get the best illumination. For example, if you are going to use your garden cabin as a home office then proper and bright illumination is important. On the other hand, if you aim to use it just for leisure purpose and for relaxing, then silicon solar collectors could be considered.     

Apart from these lighting tips you can also consider accessorising your log cabin to keep your log cabin exterior beautiful. You can add a flowerbox to give your log cabin a naturally colourful look and increase its beauty naturally. There are various flower plants that blossom all year round, so without worrying about their season of bloom you can have them in your garden and make it beautiful. Also you can consider bird houses for your garden or swings. Bird houses are available in an assortment of colour schemes and shapes and sizes, so depending on your garden size you can choose the most appropriate size and style. In addition, log swings can be a great addition in your garden.

Also, when doing up your garden and garden log cabin, consider getting a separate power supply, completely separate from the power supply for your home.

So, give your garden a perfect look by using these tips and make your evening more special and your house more beautiful.

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