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Garden House Living Room Plan

Creating a layout for log cabins is an easy process with some steps in place. And no, it is not only about coming up with pictures of seats and putting these together. But instead, it is a process of deciding what you would want in the space and planning for it. In this way, you can come up with a practical yet visually appealing living room. If the layout goes hand in hand with the décor, you will end up with a beautiful space. But if the décor doesn’t fit into the space owing to lack of functionality, you will face many challenges.

Let’s start with the definition of a living room. What is it to you? It goes by many names. To some people, it is a lounge room, to others, it is a family room, while to others it is a gathering place. The layout of the room should be in line with the purpose you have in mind.

Choose Activities

You need to think about how you plan on using the room so that everything you put in it will be practical. What do you spend time doing at home? Suppose you like to watch TV a lot, space should be able to accommodate this. You could have a large screen in the room to aid you in viewing those movies you love. Maybe you need a quiet space in the house to catch up with best-selling authors. You could have a bookshelf and a table where you could set the books. Or perhaps you want to take a nap now and then, here you could have a sofa or a comfortable chair where you could put your feet up and snooze. What is it that you want from this space?

You can serve more than one purpose in this room as long as you plan for it by creating a divide. On one side of the room, you could have a table where you can chat with your friends and play games. And on the other side, you could have a space with me-time in mind, where you could install a big TV, bookshelf, sofa or other such fixtures to aid in relaxation. There is no reason why you should settle on one use for the room.

Add The Fixtures

Now, it is time to think about what you will have in the space. In the first step, we created a divide for the different users to ensure the layout serves all your needs. It is now time to bring in objects which can help you in realising your goals.

When choosing objects, you need to think about how much space they will take up in the room. Suppose you are having a screen fitted in the room, how big will it be? This includes its length, width, and height. Take this into account and put it down in your plan.

Next, if you will have a table, where will you place it? Do you plan on having special artwork in the room? Where will it go? Think about everything you need in this space and make a mental note of where it will all go. Ensure that you write the objects down so that you do not forget anything.

Design The Floor Plan

You need to think about how big the living room will be, and this will include its length, width, and ceiling height. If you plan on having a permanent fixture such as a fireplace, include this in your drawing. At this point, the plan should be on paper with everything set to scale. For hard copies, you will need to map out the areas where you will place the furniture. Where you are using the software, you can use the dimensions of the fixtures to create an elaborate plan. However, this is not the time to work with furniture arrangements. Instead, it is the time to tell if the room plan will work or if there is a need for changes in the design.

Choose A Focal Point

With log cabins, the focus is almost always on nature. With this in mind, the probable focal point would be the large window overlooking a beautiful backdrop. That is the feature you want people to gaze at on entering the room, and not the TV. You could choose another aspect of the room to serve as the focus based on what you want to achieve. Furniture also works. Art pieces are also excellent focal points, as is that large screen adorning the wall. Choose one point and centre your efforts on it.

Create A Divide

Given the shape and size of your living room, you could have enough space for more than one activity. In most cases, people divide their living room into one or two sections. Where you have one section, it means that all activities take place in one part of the room. For two sections, you could have a conversation area and a quiet space. The sections increase with size. Remember, though that you do not want to include so many activities that the room ends up feeling chaotic.

Use your floor plan to decide what will go where. You could have the conversation area near the window where you can enjoy raw nature. And you could bring bonding activities towards the interior where you could play games and other such activities.

Organise The Space

Now comes the last part where everything falls into place. You can now decide where you will place the furniture based on the activity areas. You can work with different layouts as you see what might work and what will not. As you do so, ensure there is adequate clearance between various activities to allow for circulation. Layout ideas will come to you often during this process, and it would be a good idea to work with as many as you can.

For the conversation area, you will want to create a cosy space. It should be such that people should be no more than two metres from each other; otherwise, they will end up talking louder than is necessary to get heard.


It helps to centre your efforts on aspects that add to the beauty of the garden house. In this way, you will be at one with nature at all times. All the best!

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