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Garden Cabin Rennes

Log cabins have multiple applications and can be used for a broad range of purposes. Based on what you’re requirements are, you can choose from wide ranges of log cabins. Rennes garden log cabins are perfect when it comes to the small non-residential log cabin. Although it can be used as a residential place, it’s also an ideal choice for a small office, playhouse for the kids or a storage space.


These 4 metre X 3 metre cabins have sufficient space to enable you to use them as a warehouse, storeroom, and an office or a playroom. The fine quality timber used to construct these cabins keep them cosy round the year. Whether it is winter or summer, these garden cabins maintain their internal temperatures at a pleasant level due to the efficient insulation provided by them.


Wood Quality

The timber used for constructing Rennes log cabins is the finest quality Scandinavian Spruce or the Nordic Pinewood. The high quality wood used for building these cabins ensures long life and durability. The minimum life of these woods is ten years for which there is a manufacturer’s warranty.

The wood used for building these cabins is denser than the other types of timber material which are generally used for construction. A denser wood ensures that the cabin remains in good condition for a long time without much need for repair and maintenance. It also makes the cabin more resilient to the weather conditions and keeps it protected from any damage.


The Scandinavian Spruce and Nordic Pinewood also have a high resilience to rot and fungal infection which helps give the cabin a longer lifespan. The superior quality wood significantly improves the lifespan of the cabin with the very little requirement for maintenance. A simple treatment with a decent quality wood preserver would suffice.

The high quality of the wood also helps maintain the internal temperature of the cabin at a comfortable level. It is because these wood types have excellent insulating properties prevents either the interiors becoming too hot or too cold in summer and winter respectively.


Premium quality doors and windows

The doors and windows of these cabins are single glazed and are highly secure. The windows have 4mm glass panes that make these log cabins sturdy. The hinges used for the doors and windows are made of steel and are durable that remain in good condition even after 100,000 openings.


Structural strength

The Rennes log cabins are highly durable and have the ability to withstand even extreme conditions. The walls are made of 34mm thickness tongue and groove boards. The roof and the floor of the cabins are made of 20mm tongue and groove boards. The cabin has a reinforced triple gable roof construction and have massive 130mm X 60mm roof joists.

Structural Specifications

The total area needed to build one of these log cabins is 12 square metres (4m X 3m). The compact size allows it to be easily installed in a garden. The cabin has a single room with dimensions of 380cm X 280cm on the inside and 400cm X 300cm on the outside.


It makes the cabin highly spacious and can be used to store even large equipment. The cabin has a single door with dimensions of 162cm X 187cm, width and height respectively. The door size is optimal for a cabin of this size and allows for easy movement of even large items easily into the cabin and out of it.

The walls have 34mm thickness and the roof and floor are made of 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards. The roof area is 16 square metres and an overhang of 70cm. The cabin has a single window with dimensions of 138cm X 101cm (width X height). The height of the cabin eaves is 200cm and the ridge is 249cm.


Garden Cabin Rennes is one of the most cost effective and durable small log cabins which can be used for several purposes. The high quality timber ensures it delivers superior value for money. The dimensions of the cabin make it the perfect candidate for installation in a garden as it makes efficient use of the available space.

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