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7 Tips Budget Friendly Garden Cabin Decoration

Garden cabins have grown in popularity as a preferred abode for many who want to live a life of peace and calmness. Garden cabins due to their structure and the surroundings offer a serene atmosphere that is helpful for improving the mental health of the people living in it. Garden cabins have successfully made the life healthy of their inhabitants and this habitat allows for the most natural living environment that people can expect. This is the reason for the growing demand for garden cabins. The impact made by a garden cabin is not just dependent upon the wooden logs that constitute the cabins but also the interiors and the objects used to decorate them.

Below are the few budget friendly decoration tips for making your garden cabin even more attractive:

Traditional baskets over the shelves

You can identify few cane baskets and create a collection of them that can be placed over the shelf. Cane baskets come in several form and they give a look of elegance, style and uniqueness. You can safely place them on a shelf or hang them on the walls. These baskets give a retro effect to the room and makes it look stylish and creative. You can identify several different types of baskets and choose the ones that match the interior décor of your log cabin.

These baskets are very cheap and do not require you to spend a fortune buying them. You can also create a collectible of these baskets and use them as decoration items for the interiors of your garden cabin. Whenever you come across a new type of basket, you can add it to the collection. These baskets are available in various shapes and sizes and represent several cultures. You can use them for the decoration purpose and also display baskets from several different geographical locations.

Use of candle stands

You can place a number of candle stands in your garden cabin. These can be placed on the tables as well as on a wooden plank attached to a wall. These stands are available in different shapes and designs and can accommodate a single or multiple candles. The uniqueness of using these candle stands and decoration items depends upon not just the design and style of the stands but also in the pattern and style of their placement. You can create several differently styled display and assortment of these candle stands. You can also add candle stands made from several different materials to your collection. These stands are generally low in cost and adding them to your décor will be inexpensive and affordable.

Rustic lamps

Rustic lamps complement perfectly the style and texture of garden cabins. These lamps will look attractive when placed in pairs over the table. Alternately one lamp each can be placed to the either side of the bed in the bedroom.

 These lamps are available for low price and constitute one of the low budget items that can be used to decorate the interiors of your garden cabin.

The lamps are available in several different shapes and sizes and the lamp shades are also available in different designs.

Electric lantern lamps

The electric lantern lamps are exact replica of the traditional lamps but run on electricity. These can be bought in a set of several different colours and can be placed together in part of the log cabin from where they are clearly visible. These lantern lamps are an example of the combination of vintage and modernity. The traditional designs of the lamps give them a retro look and they not just suffice the purpose of decoration, but can also be used for lighting the house. These lamps are available within low price range and are light on your pocket.


Chandeliers are one of the most budgeted decoration items that you can use as a part of the interior décor of your garden cabin. These chandeliers can be hung in any part of the house and the height of the chandeliers is adjustable. These are available in a large range of designs and styles. You can buy traditional chandeliers that have candle stands attached to them. You can affix multiple candles onto them and these chandeliers give a classic look.

You can also have electric chandeliers made of metal or glass and these give a beautiful look to the interiors of your garden cabin. Glass chandeliers are highly attractive but also very fragile and expensive. Instead you may prefer metal chandeliers that are cheaper and long lasting.

Metal chandeliers with candle stands give a retro look to the house and can be used for the specific purpose of decoration. For lighting purposes, you can use regular chandeliers. Large size chandeliers are generally hung in the middle of the living room while smaller metal chandeliers can be hung in a number of places including the kitchen or the dining room and they can either be at the height of the roof or hang lower.

Simple artworks for walls

Artworks are not just limited to expensive art collectors. Even regular people can collect great art works at very low prices. You can search for neatly designed art works from a variety of cultures and have them hung on your walls. You can have a cloth painting, a beautiful photograph or some wall décor item and have them neatly placed on your garden cabin  walls. You can also buy few embossed art works for your garden cabin walls. Price is not an indicator of the great art works and with a little research and efforts, you can find very attractive and beautiful art works for your garden cabins at a very reasonable price.

Simple and inexpensive artefacts

Just like the artworks, you can also find few nicely designed and yet cheap artefacts such as pots, statues or idols for decorating the interiors of your wooden abode. Placing artefacts from different cultures in your garden cabin will give it a unique and special look and will also help you learn about different cultures.

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