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Residential Log Cabin Roofing: The Advantages of Felt Roof Shingles

When a residential log cabin already has its foundation and walls - roofing becomes one of the most important parts of the building. The main question is what roofing material to choose? It's well known to us, that log cabin is environmentally friendly, so the roof should not be separated from the nature too. However, there are a lot of various manufacturers suggesting their goods. But at first you need to find out all the information about them: pluses and minuses, to make the right decision. In this article we will talk about felt roof shingles.

Felt Roof Shingles

These words have been probably heard even by people who have never been involved in any log house building process. It is not a surprise, since it is probably one of the most popular roof covering, which is fiberglass and SBS modified bitumen based. The surface of the shingles is covered by shale (not shale gas) sand, which adds a certain colour to residential log cabin roof covering and protects it from weather impact. The bottom half of the shingles is covered by a SBS rubber-bitumen adhesive layer and protective membrane. When attached, felt  roof shingles should not only be adhered, but also additionally nailed down to the base. So, the longevity of the product is 100%.


   1  It features a  small weight on the construction as 1 square meter weighs only 8kg, so it is perfect for residential log cabin;

   2  It provides a perfect isolation from noise such as rain, wind and thunder;

   3  A wide range of colours and shapes;

   4  Shingles could be laid easily even on the most complex shape roofs;

   5  If you want to change the roof covering, there is no need to remove the old layer of shingles, it will serve as an additional hydroisolation;

   6  Usually such roof covering comes with 25-year guarantee.

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