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The Experts’ Opinion on Wooden Houses

Wooden houses have been around for centuries; from the first log home that was built with stacks of logs placed one on top of the other to more contemporary and advanced designs, these log structures have undoubtedly evolved and developed into remarkable options for primary housing or holiday and rental homes. Both then and now, experts have conducted various studies and come up with opinions and statements that have been helpful references in the improvement of wooden houses around the world.


What do Experts Say about Wooden Houses?

The use of wood in the construction of buildings dates back millennia; however, rapid industrialization, as well as the shortage of timber materials, significantly decreased the number of wooden houses. Nevertheless, in recent decades there has been a revival in log houses particularly in the most developed cities and countries. Experts have commissioned a study regarding the potential of log house construction in today’s world and the need for such types of building structure. Industry specialists have highlighted the importance of education capacity, requirements, and the training of woodworkers, as well as the implications of building more wooden houses for sustainable forest management.

In today’s modern world, younger professionals have a relatively low public awareness level on the importance, use, and purchase of wooden houses. The acceptance of log houses around the world, especially in cities and countries that are yet to be exposed to the log cabin trend is quite dependent on numerous factors, such as wooden construction know-how, forest resource education, the benefits and properties of wooden housing, and the pursuit of an economy with a low carbon footprint.

Experts’ Appraisal on Wooden Houses and Earthquakes

There are various inherent characteristics in wood that contribute to the resistance of wooden houses to seismic activities or earthquakes. Wood is lightweight and seismic waves are known to inflict more damage on heavy and concrete structures. The forces of an earthquake are proportional to the mass of the structure, hence the heavier the structure, the greater force it experiences. Experts also pinpoint the inherent ductility of wooden houses through the numerous nailed joints and connections in its overall structure. Therefore, wood-frame structures have the ability to flex, dissipate, and absorb energy, especially when subjected to seismic waves or sudden earthquake forces.

Contemporary wooden houses feature finishes and sheathing attachments to the studs and joists, offering redundant load paths for the seismic waves or earthquake forces. Small connections and load paths result in the dissipation of seismic forces or waves, wherein adjacent connections offer alternate load routes whenever some connections fail or overload; thus helping prevent the structure from collapsing. Nonetheless, it is also important to note that regardless of the materials utilized for the building, if the system is poorly designed, then the structure is prone to damage and in the worse scenario, collapse.

Experts’ Opinions on Wooden Houses and Energy Efficiency

Log cabins and houses are known to have exceptional energy-saving and insulation properties. Wood basically reacts to heat through drying up and becoming even harder, whereas inorganic materials such as steel are non-combustible and expand, weaken, and eventually collapse when subjected to heat. With better insulation in wooden houses, your house uses less energy because there is no energy leakage. Log cabins stay warm during winter and cool during the summer season or when the temperature spikes. Therefore, residents do not need to regularly and rigorously use their HVAC system, helping them save a lot of money on heaters or air conditioners. Wood is a great alternative to stone, concrete, and brick and could also be an economical option of insulation.

Experts’ Opinions on Wooden Houses and Construction Savings

Wooden houses are easy and quick to build and the number of manufacturers, woodworkers, and contractors specializing in log cabins and timber structures gives you better and more economical options. Some experts can build a simple log house in the span of 7 days, which helps you save on your construction and labour costs. Building wooden houses saves time and even in harsh weather conditions, log house construction continues without any hindrances. Moreover, timber buildings are also easy to renovate or modify in case you want to do some improvements or repair on your log cabin. Modifications can also be made during and after the construction process, since wood is versatile and inexpensive compared to other building materials.

Experts’ Opinions on Wooden Houses and the Environment

People are now becoming more and more aware of the importance of eco-friendly means. Green is the next big thing and going green is absolutely going for investment on wooden houses. Timber houses are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and renewable. Wooden structures are also made to store and absorb atmospheric CO2 with wood being a carbon neutral construction material. There has a positive impact on climate change when you invest in wooden frames or a complete log house construction, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to the safety and preservation of the planet.

Experts’ Opinion on Wooden Houses and Classic Aesthetics

Wood has always been synonymous with classic beauty and with more than 5000 different species of wood to choose from, the construction of wooden houses is quite thrilling and exciting. Wood has various grain and colour schemes. The hues of colour, as well as the textures of wood, are quite mesmerizing and it can be painted, waxed or varnished to improve the aesthetics. Wood materials can also be glued, cut, carved, and nailed. Wooden houses have the versatility and aesthetics that would certainly delight anybody’s eyes and imagination. You can create something classical and timeless, giving your log cabin better curb appeal and higher market value. Invest in your dream log home and design your cabin based on your personal taste and style.


A lot of experts have given their opinion on wooden houses and how they are a remarkable venture and investment in today’s world. Young professionals and investors are slowly getting drawn to the trend of log cabin houses because these are not just outstanding primary or secondary residences; they also make great investment properties with high ROI.

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