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Exclusive Wooden Carport for American Vehicle Admirer

There are no two projects that are precisely the same, as all our customers have their unique goals that they want to achieve with a specific product purchase. However, as you can see from this story, even the most regular products can shine in a sparkling new light once they are settled into their new surroundings and get some character and personality added to them. 

This exclusive carport project has turned out to be yet another exciting adventure, resulting in a stylish & comfortable solution for storing our customer’s extraordinary American vehicles and bringing satisfaction to our whole team. Let’s see how it all went!

How the whole story began

Our client Manfred, an independent insurance salesman, together with his wife and their charming great Dane, have created their little American oasis in the middle of Germany, in the picturesque town of Röttingen. Manfred has shared with us that he is truly passionate about American vehicles and was in need of the right product to securely keep them in his yard. Quality vehicles deserve quality solutions – once the idea came, the search began. After thorough research of various models on the internet, Double wooden carport CLASSIC from instantly stood out:

 “The carport appealed to our family because it was big enough for our upscale vehicles and exuded some American style. I found the company by searching the Internet. The carport spoke to us immediately. The price and quality were right there.” - Manfred

Once Manfred found what he was looking for, he already had a DIY project of making the carport a true representation of his favourite American style in mind.

Why such a unique décor choice?

When it comes to modifying or decorating our products, a small detail can go a long way. Colours or small decorations play a huge role in creating a desirable effect, so we always encourage our customers to go all in and invest some time and effort into making the product look exactly as they want.

“Since our house is painted white and has black roof tiles, we wanted to match the carport visually, which also strengthened the American spirit. Regarding the decoration, the idea came spontaneously because we have often made road trips through the USA and saw similar solutions.” - Manfred

Quick & uncomplicated assembly 

Our prefabricated products offer ease of assembly & guarantee an enriching experience to the customers of building a selected structure with their own hands. Manfred has shared that he managed to build the carport in 2.5 days and only needed the helping hand of a friend when laying the roof covering. He also told us that people frequently get impressed when he shares that the carport has arrived in a kit form and he assembled it in such a short amount of time himself. It is really impressive to imagine if you only see the final result!

Got inspired to build a wooden structure of your own? Want to build yourself a stylish wooden carport or have some other building in mind? We will be happy to help you make your vision a reality! Call us today – 02070994301


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