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Everything You Need to Know about Garden Log Cabins

With the growing popularity of garden log cabins within the housing market, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners are making this profitable investment. A log home in your back garden is a good option if you want a separate hobby room, liveable space to hang out in, or somewhere to simply escape. Wooden cabins located in your garden are attractive as well as functional. It is a profitable extension, but it can also be a costly business.


Basics of Garden Log Cabins

There are many sizes and specifications that fit your choices for your log cabin investment. Log homes for gardens may vary from single door, one window structures to more complex and substantial models that are ideal for personal and commercial use. You can find different garden log cabins with industry grade materials such as Scandinavian softwood ‒ eco-friendly materials are sourced from various suppliers that obtain their products from sustainable forests.

Log Home Features

Garden log cabins vary from fixed or movable opening windows. This particular feature also ranges from Perspex to heavy duty and toughened glass with double-glazed designs. The thickness of the wall may vary considerably depending on the needs of the owner. You can build robust cabins in order to withstand the elements and even the strongest natural calamities.

Design ideas for the roof may include overhanging features that could accommodate a sheltered veranda for a building makeover. There are even garden log cabins that have more elaborate features such as extensive external features, decks, and patios, among others. Extend your garden log home to make it a liveable space for relaxation and entertainment.


As for internal floor space, different cabins may also vary in size. Wider floor spaces could accommodate multiple rooms from two to more than three rooms if you want. Most homeowners invest in garden log cabins due to their ability to be used as a home office space. Complex and bigger log homes that are located in your garden may also have internal and external spaces for storage. These liveable spaces are good for fairly large items and equipment. You can also add lofts to the cabin and use them as spare bedrooms.

Since garden cabins are strategically near your main house, you can also use them as changing rooms if you have a swimming pool. Interior log home features such as cabinets and countertops are also varied. Choose practical hanging or movable cabinets in order to enjoy more floor space.

Log Cabin Interior Designs

The good thing about log home designs is that you can creatively apply design ideas on garden log cabins just as you would on regular wood or forest cabins. There may be minimal differences, but the interior design and theme works wherever your log home is located.


Coastal and Whitewash

Interior designers for garden log cabins explore their creativity in whitewashing the logs and woods to be used in the cabin construction. The whitewash interiors from the logs to the matching features give you a nostalgic journey back to a coastal scenario. This refreshing and clean theme makes your garden log home the perfect place for a rest after a tiring and busy day.

Mountain Style

Giving the cabin a much darker tone, a mountain style log home reflects the usual mountain or forest backdrop. The concept of the interior design blends with the mainly medium-toned hardwood floors and the same palette is used on the walls, roofs, and any other areas of the house.

Red and Plaid Accents

Unique garden log cabins do not follow the usual black and white or monotonous colours for their interior design. Get extra creative by combining red and plaid accents anywhere in the house. You can actually strike a nice balance between the two features. Even with a neutral earth tone for the logs, you can embellish the log house with red plaid accents from blankets to bedding to artwork.


Minimalist and Sleek

One of the most common and preferable interior designs for garden log cabins follows a minimalist approach. This sleek and chic design idea mostly consists of black and white or a monotonous colour, usually earthy or neutral tones. Ornaments and accessories are likewise minimal in order to give an overall clean and simple aesthetic.

Types of Garden Log Cabins

Hiring a professional log cabin specialist is the best way to start your investment. These experts have the database of the different types of log homes for your garden.

  • A-Frame Log Cabin. This simple, cheap, and basic cabin design could include a covered front porch as well as a loft space. The rustic log structure consists of a simple foundation, A-frame roofs and overall structural design.
  • Dovetail Notches. This design for garden log cabins offers a nail-free finish. It is usually constructed from timber and follows a dovetail joint that fits perfectly without the use of nails. It is also highly preferable for its durability, which stands the test of time.
  • Alaskan Style. Garden log cabins in this category are known for their sturdy and energy efficient features. The main purpose of the cabin is to withstand the toughest and unforgiving conditions of the north. You can make your garden log home just like the Alaskans make theirs, even if you are miles and miles away. There are free floor plans for this particular style that cater to your budget and preferences.
  • Reclaimed Log Cabin. If you have an existing log home, you can simply recycle and renovate the old one. A lot of reclaimed garden log cabins make a remarkable revamp and transformation. The log structure is made through reclaiming, dismantling, moving, and reassembling the materials to create a brand new log home.


The best garden log cabins are profitable home additions. It is always wise to embark on this particular investment due to its profitable nature. Log homes located in your backyard or garden could boost its aesthetics and market value. Call a garden log home consultant today!

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