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Customer Story: Enrico & His Eco-friendly Glamping Resort - La Luna Suite Apartments - in Jambiani, Zanzibar

If you would like to peek behind the scenes of how an entirely bespoke project created in close cooperation with the client and our architect team could look like, this is one of the more magnificent examples we could provide. A dreamy upscale La Luna Beach Resort, located in Jambiani, Zanzibar, encompasses 19 bespoke bungalows, 4 staff cabins, an office, and a store – each set in our prefabricated wooden houses made of natural, high-quality conifer timber. This boutique resort, featuring the green building concept, offers visitors a unique relaxation complex with an outdoor swimming pool, a private beach area and a picturesque sea view. 

La Luna Beach Resort is the 3rd project of our group and was created following the new trends in the holiday industry with a particular focus on green building. It is the result of the innovative ideas of Sandro Gurioli and a close-knit team that assisted him in the construction of the resorts. Glamping, a trend becoming increasingly popular in Europe, is at the heart of the La Luna Suite & Apartment project. - Enrico

Enrico has shared that this resort has received enormous customer satisfaction in a few months after opening, and we are delighted to hear that! According to the owner, the assembly of the buildings was pretty easy, making this large-scale project a much more approachable reality.

Glamping, taken to next level

Like other Enrico's projects in Zanzibar, this exceptional resort was designed by the Italian designer Sandro Gurioli. Cream colour tinted bungalows, located in a tropical garden, surrounded by a natural ocean blue and luscious green background, create a wonderful world of top-notch relaxation, inviting travellers from all over the world to experience the immense level of peace, beauty, and comfort. The bungalows, offering full or partial sea views, are equipped with a terrace and a bathroom with a shower. 

These cosy duplex bungalows can accommodate 2-4 people and offer guests the unique feeling of privacy and comfort. In addition, the visitors can enjoy a restaurant located in the territory for exquisite quality meals. The key accent of La Luna Beach Resort is a gorgeous 35 meters long infinity saltwater pool.

Green building: the trend of sustainable construction practices

Bio-architecture has become a significant trend in the construction industry during recent years, which, as seen from this example, can also be applied to glamorous vacations in style. More and more accommodation businesses are combining design and comfort with sustainability and ecology. That's where prefabricated wooden buildings come especially in handy! 

Due to their construction specifics, these eco-friendly wooden structures are pretty straightforward to build, while the ability to create bespoke solutions allows implementing projects of various scopes and purposes. Therefore, choosing a wooden building instead of conventional construction, especially in large-scale projects, can drastically reduce the negative environmental impact, help to preserve natural resources & pay respect to the environment, and even be a budget-friendlier choice.

A bespoke project tailored to client's specific needs

Enrico was looking for an excellent standard of quality and environmentally friendly construction to fulfil his upscale glamping resort vision. Our team was able to make this large-scale idea a reality. Bespoke houses made of high-quality Nordic fir perfectly represent the green building concept, which has allowed the owner to implement his eco-friendly resort concept to the fullest.

Got inspired by this extraordinary project? We could help you create a private relaxation oasis like this of your own - choose a wooden cabin from our assortment or share your specific requirements, and we will develop a bespoke project for you. If you want to learn more about our bespoke project opportunities, model specifics, construction or anything else, do let us know - call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected] 


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