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Enjoy a Great Vacation with Log Cabins in Cornwall

On the rugged southwest tip of England is the county known as Cornwall. It actually forms a peninsula that encompasses hundreds of beautiful and inviting sandy beaches and wild moorlands. All of these culminate at the popular Land’s End. The southern coast of Cornwall is known as the Cornish Riviera, a beautiful spot which is dubbed as the home to picturesque and panoramic harbour villages like Falmouth and Fowey. On the other side, the northern coast is etched with towering cliffs and welcoming beach resorts like Newquay, a famous spot for surf enthusiasts.


Holidaying in Cornwall

Spending a holiday or vacation in Cornwall is a great choice. Many people from different countries take time to visit Cornwall due to its magnificent sceneries and panoramic views. If you are among the countless people out there who are looking forward to experiencing this county in the United Kingdom, feel free to arrange a Cornwall vacation one of these days and experience everything this place has to offer.

The Best Place to Stay in Cornwall

If your vacation is going to last for a few to several days, it is important to have a place that will serve as your refuge during your vacation. While there are other types of accommodations offered to travellers, tourists and vacationers, opting for a log cabin is one of the best ways by which you can experience the county at its best. Look around and you will definitely find an abundance of log cabins which are offered to everyone, whether you are there for a short or a much longer stay in Cornwall.


Self-Catering in the Heart of Cornwall

One of the best things about renting log cabins in Cornwall is that you can have the chance to come up with a place that is classified as self-catering. This means that you will be staying in these log cabins where you can make your own meals. In short, you are free to do the things which you are used to inside your cabin. Independent self-catering log cabins also make an excellent and inexpensive way to have a family holiday.

Heart-warming and Welcoming Locations

Log cabins in Cornwall are a popular type of accommodation for families or groups of friends who want to be independent and free while enjoying the county. This is due to the fact that these cabins are strategically built, allowing them to perfectly blend with their natural surroundings. These cabins also provide comfort and warmth all throughout the year with the advantage of a veranda and covered paths. So, if you are someone who has a soft spot for nature, staying in one of the log cabins in Cornwall is definitely an excellent idea.


You will surely feel glad about how a log cabin in Cornwall can accommodate you and your companions. Generally, most log cabins in Cornwall come with two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the lounge. These areas allow you to sleep up to four adults and two children. So, if you are vacationing in Cornwall with five other companions, renting a log cabin is definitely an excellent way to get yourselves accommodated for the duration of your holiday.

Other Facilities Offered in a Cornwall Log Cabin

As independent self-catering log cabins, you will definitely enjoy preparing your meals with their well-equipped kitchen. Unlike any other type of accommodation, you will never ever find a kitchen that is designed to offer almost everything you need to come up with the type of menu or dishes that you want to prepare. Thus, your family or companions can definitely have a great time eating what you have cooked and prepared at the cabin’s well-equipped dining area – something that can make your Cornwall vacation more enjoyable, exciting, fun and memorable.

Log cabins in Cornwall also have a bathroom with a shower. Thus, you can have the perfect place where you can treat yourself with a cold or hot shower after an outdoor activity. And if you feel bored and you want something for entertainment then you can enjoy the cabin’s comfortable lounge where you can sit back and enjoy watching your favourite show or movie on TV. There will never be any dull or boring moments when you stay in a log cabin in Cornwall.


If you are thinking about having a picnic then the veranda is an excellent spot for this. The veranda comes with a picnic table that allows you to eat alfresco. In most cases, log cabins in Cornwall accommodate varying holiday lengths including a week-long stay, fortnights or even longer, ten-night stays and even short breaks. What is even more interesting about these log cabins is that they can be in the form of a bungalow or a caravan. Of course, these also offer separate camping areas where you and your companions can go outside and camp as you enjoy the feel and taste of what it is like to be in the outdoors of Cornwall during the day or during the night.

Booking a Log Cabin for Your Cornwall Vacation

With the popularity of Cornwall as a destination for tourists and vacationers, more and more log cabins have been built to meet the increasing demand for these facilities. If you are thinking about how you can get one for your group, finding them online is the best way to go about it. Today, many websites offer log cabins that are situated in selected areas of Cornwall, inviting every guest to get them for their accommodation needs.


Try to find as many Cornwall log cabin websites as possible so that you can have the opportunity to compare one against another, especially when it comes to their pricing, amenities, facilities and other offers. At the end of the day, you’re sure to come up with the one that you think is the best one for you and your companions – the best log cabin that you can call your home away from home.

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