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Eco-Friendly Buildings – Log Cabin Positive Features

A garden log cabin is one of the most popular options when choosing a residential or vacation home. Log houses have enjoyed a long history since their discovery centuries ago in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. One of the benefits of choosing a log house for your residential or secondary home is that it is an eco-friendly building. Individuals that want to enjoy an environment-friendly kind of lifestyle choose to live in wood or timber houses and this lifestyle suits them well.


Why is a Log Cabin an Eco-Friendly Building?

Log homes have a positive impact on the environment on top of the fact that this type of building gives you a comfortable and healthy place of abode in the midst of nature. The main material for a log cabin construction is wood, which has a positive impact, especially on your wellbeing. A stress-free lifestyle allows you to enjoy a healthy body with healthy or normal heart rate. Living in a log home boosts your quality of living and improves your sleep quality and concentration.

Trees are Renewable

Trees or timbers are the main materials for a log cabin and these are renewable resources to begin with. Log houses have the solid green pedigree and could significantly reduce your carbon footprint or the activities that you do which could hurt the environment in general. The solid logs for wooden houses effectively take the harmful carbon out of nature or the environment. The circulation of carbon in the air is dramatically reduced over time or throughout the duration of the cabin’s lifespan.


Choose a Green Manufacturer

Make sure that you carefully choose the manufacturer of the log cabin for your next project. Some log home producers harvest dead standing timber for their materials in order to avoid hurting the environment. There are manufacturers that purchase logs from sustainable forests as an option for a greener manufacturing process. Choose a reputable and trusted log cabin manufacturer that constructs their building in adherence to the green building standards and regulations.

Timber is a Good Insulator

One of the main benefits of investing in log cabins is the superior insulation property of wood. Wood has a thermal mass or natural property that maintains the interior temperature of the home. Thus, staying in a log cabin allows you to enjoy a warmer home interior during the cold season or winter and a cooler home when temperatures spike during summer. The warmth of wood is an eco-friendly feature because you need not use your HVAC system as often as you need to in conventional buildings. You get to save on your utility bills because you do not need your furnace or air conditioning system as often while living in a log cabin.


Guaranteed Energy Efficiency

Log homes are well-insulated especially if the manufacturer or contractor seals the building properly during the manufacturing process. Sealants are essential in the foundation and the initial course of logs along with the log-to-log connections. Treatment of the logs could keep air or water from seeping inside the house, maintaining the regulated temperature no matter what the season may be.

An energy-efficient log cabin meets the Energy Star standards of the Department of Energy. Log houses are up to 30 percent more energy efficient compared to other types of building. It significantly saves you a huge amount of money over your log home’s lifetime.

Fitting the Topography

Log cabins are organic buildings and they perfectly suit the nature that it is located on. These structures seamlessly blend in the land or topography of your property, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your new home. You can see picture-perfect sights of log houses that naturally integrate into the landscape of their location. It gives you a sense of fulfilment and reward, seeing the beautiful fruits of your hard work right before your eyes.


Rustic and High Tech

On top of its eco-friendly features, the log cabin is also a great residential option that you can enjoy even if you want to stay connected to today’s global village. You cannot give up your Internet connection and other modern amenities and appliances but you still want to experience that rustic type of lifestyle. A log cabin  can offer you the best of both worlds through the installation of modern amenities inside your rustic home.

Enjoy your hideaway with all the perks of modernization from connectivity to automation to contemporary security. You can add backup generators for your energy source in case of power outage. Incorporate a modern security system as well as the latest CAT 5 wiring system into your log cabin in order to ensure high-speed connection with voice, video, and data features. Modernize your log home with new communication technologies that could keep the ambiance contemporary while in the midst of nature.

The Priceless Perks of Log Cabins

Protecting the environment is not the only thing that is possible when you choose a log home for your next investment. You can enjoy the priceless luxuries of life such as the peace and quiet in your surroundings. Living in the heart of nature in your cosy and captivating log cabin is one of the priceless benefits in life and it keeps the hustle and bustle of modern life at bay.

The superior craftsmanship of contemporary and high-quality log homes is an advantage on its own. Wood has a classic aesthetic and timeless beauty and it could translate in the overall appearance of your log home. The key is to choose a log home builder with craftsmen that specialize in designing and building top-of-the-line log houses today. They can give you professional advice as to the best features that could make your log cabin more stunning such as hand-scribed cathedral ceilings, balustrades, and spindles.

A log cabin is an eco-friendly building that could certainly give you the perfect place of abode. It is the ideal residential or vacation home that could help you protect the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the lifestyle that only simple and rustic living could offer. Make that lucrative investment in a log home today!

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