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The double carport log cabin protects your cars for less

Large enough for two cars and more

The timber carport log cabin is a wide structure under which you can park your cars when they are not in use. This double garage is built to fit up to two cars side by side. It is large and tall enough for small trucks.

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With two vehicles parked in, you will have no issues opening doors and boots. You can park motor bikes or other small vehicles as well. Your tools and supplies can also be safely stored alongside your cars.

More than a log cabin

One of the major benefits of the double carport log cabin is that it provides a shelter for your cars. Unlike traditional garages with doors and walls it also lets you access your car very easily. There are no doors to open or close as you enter or exit the garage.


Therefore you save time when it comes to parking your car or getting it out of the carport. You will mostly appreciate this if you have to make multiple trips over a short period of time. This is certainly one of the most convenient log cabins to have. It protects your cars, leaves you with a lot of free space and saves you time.

Quality material and a stable structure

Only the best conifer timber is used in making this carport. The result is a log cabin made with all natural materials. The roof is reinforced to ensure that it does not sag; it can resist heavy rain and snowy days.

To preserve your log cabin even more, you should add a layer of water resistant roof covering. Indeed, the roof is the largest exposed area of this wooden carport. Even if the base surface is minimal compared with a shed, you still should consider a concrete base to keep ground moisture away from the wood.

Cost effective

For less than the cost of a fully closed single garage you get a protected parking space for two cars. Both of your vehicles will be guarded against damage that might be caused by overexposure to the sun, rain, snow or any other rough weather condition.


You do not have to spend a fortune to acquire this log cabin, but you will get plenty of value out of it. The double carport garage does not close off part of your property, it simply covers it. On special occasions, you can find many other uses for it as well.

If you are having a picking, it can be a great place to put tables for those that do not want to eat under the sun. It also makes a great play area if your kids are playing outside all day, and you do not want them to get sunburned.

If you have two cars, the double carport garage is a great product that you should consider. This log cabin gives you the protective benefits of a traditional closed garage with the added convenience of open access to your car at all times. It is very easy to set up and requires the same type of care as other log cabins.

While it is best to install it close to your house, it can be set up anywhere on your property without any difficulty. The distance between your home and the log cabin might be desirable if you also want to use it for picnics or to play games and spend time with friends outside.


The double carport  garage does not require and large investment which makes it a very reasonable purchase. Your cars will be protected anytime you park them under the carport, day or night, rain or shine. This will help keep them in good condition for a very long time.

Furthermore, with this log cabin you have a multifunctional element added to your property which can be used on special occasions such as parties or picnics or any other time you wish to stay outside while remaining protected from the sun, or rain.

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