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Different Uses of Wooden Carports

One of the best elements of modern homes these days is a timber carport, whether they are attached to your house as an integral part of it, or as a free-standing structure. There are numerous designs for wooden carports, depending on your budget and personal taste. Different designs of carports with wooden features also have their distinct uses and advantages. It is always best to know the basics of timber-made carports before you make a financial investment.

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What are the uses of timber carports?

A wooden carport serves numerous functions, making it a feature in numerous homes today. The outdoor wooden structure generally consists of a roof with open sides. However, there are other designs that are more complex than the usual plain and simple. A lot of timber carports are now designed for multiple purposes rather than what may seem their usual function on the surface.

These are just a few of the different uses of contemporary timber carports:

Car Storage and Parking

The main function of a wooden carport is for storage and a parking space for your car. As the name implies, carports are basically for the protection of your vehicle. Timber carports are often designed for more expensive luxury cars, recreational vehicles, and even trucks and boats. Carports that are professionally designed make good security venues for your vehicles, making them safe and cushioned from the effects of the elements.

Equipment Storage

Timber carports can be anything you want them to be. Wooden carports are actually designed for other functions. You can make the carport more enclosed so that it could accommodate other items such as your bulky equipment and tools. Thus, wooden carports are also like garden sheds where you can stash away your garden materials, bike, and things like exercise machines.


Liveable Space

You can make timber carports a stand-alone feature or integrated to your main house or other buildings in your property. It can also follow more versatile designs and features. For instance, you can make it another liveable space, such as your media room, home office, or children’s playroom. The transformation of your wooden carport is easy as long as you have a clear vision of your purpose. You also need the help of specialists in timber carports to renovate and remake the area.

Designs and Styles for Timber Carports

The uses and benefits of a wooden carport usually depend on the style and design of the timber structure. It is helpful to know the timber carports designs that are available today in order to know your options for a viable and profitable investment.

  • Attached Carports. One of the most common and practical options is the attached design. This is a good choice for homes that have a small backyard space. An attached wooden carport is also quick to access due to its proximity and integration to your main house. Most timber carports that are integrated and attached to the main house are likewise easier to construct and finish. Attached carports also save significant space.
  • Detached Carports. Free-standing or stand-alone timber carports are also good choices but they do require a much wider backyard space. There are several designs available for detached carports made from wood or timber materials, but make sure that you evaluate your alternatives and choose the one that caters to your available budget and needs. One of the types of detached carports is the lean-to carport, which is ideal for placing along one’s property line. The structure does, however, expose one side of the carport to the elements.
  • Simple Carports. The timber carports in this category are plain and easy to build. These carports are adjustable, most notably the slope of the roof. You can make the necessary adjustments in order to drain rain water or snow that has accumulated on the top of the carport. Simple carports, however, have a lower roof angle and height. Small family cars are ideal for this type of timber carports as they are not too tall or too wide.
  • Flat Roof Carports. The distinct feature of the roof gives this wooden carport an aesthetic boost. Modern and slick, the design idea for your carport is perfect for homes that have a matching contemporary theme. There are numerous floor plans and diagrams of flat roof carports that are flexible enough to suit your different needs.
  • Double Carports. Most timber carports in this category are free standing constructions. As the name implies, this wooden carport is large enough to accommodate multiple cars. Wooden-made carports usually highlight other material features, such as gable roofs for better and more reliable security. Double carports also have all sides open; nevertheless, attaching a lattice in between the posts provides privacy and more protection from the elements.

DIY or Professional Builders

Timber carports are important home features. An attached or free-standing carport increases the functional side of your property. High quality wood carports are also good features that could boost the curb appeal of your house. Most importantly, having a timber-made carport could significantly improve your home’s market or property value.


Is it a DIY project? 

Unless you are a seasoned, trained, and licensed woodworker yourself, timber carports are definitely complex structures to pull off. You need to have the skills and tools in order to create and build a good quality wooden carport. DIY projects are also quite dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper safety gear and training. Some homeowners prefer DIY timber carport building as a fulfilling project to venture into. However, those who do not want to lift a finger and break their back in the process, hiring a specialist in timber carports is the best choice.

There are various companies offering timber carports. You can search the Internet, ask for recommendation, and make visits to your local woodworking company. Make sure you check the feedback of previous customers and the track record of the company to make absolutely sure. There are various sources you can refer to for an informed decision ‒ consult with an expert in timber carports for enquiries and other information before jumping headlong into your project.

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