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Different Types of Log Cabin

Get to know the different types of log cabin. Log cabins, as the name suggests, are homes specially made up of logs of timber. Over the past few years, the popularity of a log cabin or timber home has increased immensely. They look exceptionally beautiful, can be easily customised according to your needs and as an added bonus, they are very reasonably priced. When it comes to choosing a log cabin for your home, for personal or official use, you will be presented with different types of log cabin. These types of cabins are categorised according to the technology of production, the wood used for constructing the log house and their designing, architecture and purpose.

Here we will be discussing the different types of log cabin, in order to help you get a better understanding of them, and to make it easier for you to buy the most sturdy and appropriate residential log cabin for you.

Categorisation According to Production Technology: 

Handcrafted log house: with handcrafted log homes, the walls are notched from handcrafted, natural logs. The benefit of such a log cabin is that the natural features remain intact even after being treated. Logs of various shapes and sizes can be hand jointed. In addition, with the increasing popularity of labour automation, handcrafted log homes turn out to be in the luxury category. The higher enduring value and uniqueness of handcrafted log homes make them popular and as a result, they are still in demand by log cabin lovers and enthusiasts.

Machine profiled log houses: a machine profiled log house, as the name indicates, have walls that are made from machine profiles and uniform logs. The logs are rounded and turned and built in various rectangular shapes. Being machine profiled the shapes are mathematically precise. Advanced processing technologies are used in order to achieve greater perfection and higher precision.

Different types of log cabin according to the type of wood used: When purchasing a wooden garage, considering the type of wood is a very important factor. Generally, it is recommended that one chooses a type that uses full logs with diameters of 8-10 inches. These are not only more robust than split logs, they are also more energy efficient.

The Two Most Common Types of Wood That Are Popularly Used for Logs Cabins Include:

Spruce: spruce or sometimes better known as white wood is considered to be an ideal choice for log cabins as it is known to be resistant against both decay as well as insect infestation. So, when choosing a log cabin, it is vital to make sure that spruce or North American timber is used as exposure to outer elements can lessen this wood’s life expectancy.

Scandinavian pine: this high quality wood is very popular for building log cabins. The reason behind their popularity is that the Scandinavian pine is very dense and has a tight grain because of the slow growing seasons due to the cold climate of the region. If budget is not a problem for you, choosing a log cabin made of Scandinavian pine is without a doubt worth your investment.

Different Types of Log Cabin According to Utility and Purpose of Use:

Camping pod: this is an ideal choice if you are looking for your timber house to be used as a garden shed. They are perfectly designed to store your gardening equipments like gardening tools, bicycles etc. in a safe, yet attractive place.

Clockhouse: this is a conventional English design log cabin which can serve as a garden building or a home office. The walls and doors are generally large sized, allowing proper ventilation as well as lighting, creating an airy light interior.

Garden cabin Rennes: this multipurpose garden log cabin is the best value timber structure available for sale. You can use it as a playhouse for the children, a small office, tool storage space and lots of others. It is made up of robust and dense Scandinavian spruce/Nordic pinewood and has thick walls, and as a result you can use it comfortably in both winter and summer.

Many more different types of log cabins are also available including, but not limited to, the traditional American log cabin, open floor plans, single-family cabins, multi-family cabins, and A-frames.

So, depending on your requirements and budgetary constraints, you can choose the most suitable type of log cabin to meet your requirements.

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