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Different Types of Garden Buildings and How to Choose One for Your Garden

The garden is always a place which is very comforting and has all the beauty of nature. As a result, spending some time in the garden daily can be very refreshing for you. Everybody should spend some time in the garden with their loved ones, away from the technical gadgets and gizmos that many of us are addicted to. The best thing you can do to enjoy the natural beauty of your garden all year round is to install a garden building. However, you could be overwhelmed when looking at the different types of garden buildings available on the market that can add style and function to your outdoor.

Moreover, this huge variety of garden buildings also makes it little difficult and daunting to choose one that can be easily accommodated in your garden as well as helping you meet your needs. There are several uses for garden buildings, so before you make up your mind on any particular design, style, shape and size, it is important that you know the purpose that you will be using your garden cabin for, because for every requirement there is a type of garden building available that can best fit those requirements. Whether you need a building in your garden to relax and unwind or you have a need for storage in the garden for tools or you want a wooden garage to protect your vehicles from extreme weather conditions, there is a garden building to suit it.

Here we will be discussing some really popular and amazing garden buildings that you can consider for your garden to make it beautiful along with adding function to it.

Log cabins: Log cabins make versatile garden buildings; they provide a practical and attractive way to add extra space in your home, as well as adding a certain charm. A log cabin can be used for a variety of purposes: they are perfect as a gym, a home office, for housing saunas and Jacuzzis or as a kids’ playhouse. So, by installing a log cabin in your garden you can have your own sauna, gym or a home office. Also these types of cabins are properly built, spacious and well ventilated, so you can also use them to give your children their personal playing space. Today, lots of people work from home, and need a personal, peaceful corner, where they can concentrate on their work without being disturbed by guests visiting the house or the kids playing.

Wooden gazebos: Gazebos are gorgeous pavilion structures, usually octagonal in shape. They are very commonly seen in royal gardens, parks and other public places. As a result, more and more people are buying wooden gazebos not only to increase the comfort and look of their own garden, but also to lavish in the sheer beauty of a garden. Usually, they are self-supporting and are open structures with no doors or windows. They are a great alternative to bandstands, and they are great for any other outdoor entertainment purpose as they are a versatile way of spending time in the midst of nature and keeping out of the sun. The most popular dimensions of a wooden gazebo are between 6-22 feet in diameter with either completely open or enclosed sides, depending on the owners needs and the purpose of the structure. A wooden gazebo makes relaxing in your garden more pleasurable and complete by being a reliable shelter. They can easily withstand heavy rain, extreme heat, strong winds as well as snowfall. So, you can continue reading your favourite novel, even if all of a sudden it starts raining.

Garden Sheds: Garden sheds are one of the most common garden buildings, they not only help you store the gardening tools but also add charm and elegance to your garden. These days, more and more people are using garden sheds for alternative uses like home offices, workshops and playhouses. So, you can use it to keep your gardening tools safe in addition to adding more space to your house. They are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, construction material and prices. The different types and styles of garden sheds are based on the roof structures: the most popular is the Gable which creates a triangular roof. The Salt Box has a gently sloping rear roof and a short front gable roof. You can also use them as greenhouses or gazebos. The garden shed can also include a small porch for sitting and enjoying the beauty of the garden.

Wooden garages: As the name suggests, these are garages made of wood. They are also popular amongst homeowners who want to add more space in their house. They can be used for various purposes, so you can use them to park your car and protect it from dirt and dust, as well as using it as a workshop or storage area.  They are available in a range of sizes, styles, shapes and dimensions, making it easier for you to choose one that you can easily install in your garden to make the best use of it. High quality doors and windows can be installed if you aim to use it for other purpose than just parking your car, so you don’t have to worry about ventilation.

Summer houses: These are usually, larger than garden sheds and have characteristics of a chalet like an overhanging roof and porch. They are usually designed with full or half length windows to give the interior an open feel even with the doors shut. They are available in various designs and styles but the ones with the pent style roof are the most popular as they help to maximise the space. They don’t require planning permission and are more pocket friendly. You can easily customise the interior according to your needs.

So, before you start looking at the various garden buildings available, first work on factors like the need, use, purpose, budget etc. of having a garden building installed to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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