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Customer Story: Jean Paul and His Cosy Bungalow-Style Hotel in Chabris, Central France

Jean Paul, a former craftsman and business manager, currently in his pre-retirement after more than 30 years in business, has always dreamt of owning a small bungalow-style hotel and hosting guests in the peaceful region of Chabris, Central France. 

Traditional wooden chalet seemed like a perfect solution for the seasonal rental business due to its utmost practicality, sleek aesthetic appearance, and budget-friendly price. But unfortunately, purchasing separate land in the Savoie region was out of the picture, so Jean Paul and his wife decided to dedicate a part of their land to build a compact wooden chalet in their premises.
Jean Paul was browsing through numerous wooden building models at our French branch and was impressed by their quality characteristics and aesthetic features. The customer has fallen in love with one of our models, modified the original chalet a bit to fully meet his needs and become a gorgeous space for hosting his guests:

"I immediately fell in love with the wooden chalets displayed on the supplier website, featuring superb thickness and exceptional solid wood planks – not the reconstituted wood. The Alabama model has instantly stood out to me, as I already had a similar design in mind. I easily modified and adapted the chalet, as the walls are not complicated to interchange. Also, I insulated the roof from the outside and two interior windows with wood wool to make the building cosier and warmer for the visitors." – Jean Paul

Assembly experience is much more fun with a friend on board!

Building a prefabricated log cabin is much easier if you have someone to help you out! Jean Paul was lucky to have an old childhood friend who had always dreamt of owning a wooden building like this and was interested in helping him out with the chalet assembly. In addition to the wooden chalet installation, they also refined the cut wooden ends by sanding to achieve a perfect finished look. The process was smooth and enjoyable, leaving a satisfying feeling of accomplishment to Jean Paul and his friend. 

Due to their simplistic construction, our wooden cabins can become an exciting DIY project! Your selected wooden building will arrive in a prefabricated kit containing all the necessary parts, numbered for your convenience and clear installation instructions. So if you are up for a little adventure, this could be your chance to shine!

Key takeaways: could anything be improved next time?

Jean Paul has told us that he is genuinely happy with his wooden cabin selection and partnership with us and is already considering a future project similar to this one. However, the customer told us that he would probably choose a PVC window and door option next time.

Our wooden buildings regularly feature wooden windows and doors; however, PVC ones would offer additional thermal insulation qualities, be easier to maintain, and not require extra oiling or painting to prevent deformation or moisture damage.

Let’s Get Technical!

Jean Paul needed a compact, practical, and cosy solution for his bungalow-style hotel business built in his property. The customer already had a vision in mind and was happy to find the model meeting his exact expectations – our stylish garden log cabin ALABAMA:


Garden Log Cabin ALABAMA (44 mm), 4.5x4.5 m (15'x15'), 20 m²


A slight modification of the chalet's layout (with interchangeable walls).
Roof and window insulation (with wood wool), which the customer did himself.

Finding a perfect solution for the guest hosting business is easy when you have such a vast assortment of stylish and functional models to choose from! If you are interested in a similar solution as described in this story, we have lots to offer! Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, recommendations and advice. Call us today: 02070994301

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