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Customer Story: Dirk and His Cosy Natural Living Oasis in Göttingen (Germany)

Our customer Dirk dreamed of building a stylish tiny house for small-scale solo living surrounded by luscious greenery and nature. Unfortunately, due to various technical reasons related to Germany's strict construction policies and regulations, his initial idea needed to be adjusted a bit. However, it turned out even better with a gorgeous classical wooden house, designed according to the client's individual needs, in cooperation with our architect team. Dirk's charming residence is located in Germany, Lower Saxony, Göttingen district, in a peaceful place called Adelebsen.

We are always happy to see the finished look of our customers' residences – it often surprises us with creative solutions and practical decisions. This case was no exception – it's incredible to see how the house came to life and became an oasis of cosiness and comfort. When we interviewed Dirk, we were happy to learn that he is delighted with his purchase decision and loves his new home. We asked Dirk to share his insights about the whole product selection journey and let us know whether he is satisfied with his final choice and the entire process of building his solo residence:

“I actually wanted to build a tiny house. However, the rules and regulations for this are very high in Germany. There are also no banks that want to finance a tiny house. The reason is often the "resale value" and the uncertainty surrounding innovations. Since I didn't want to build a “normal” house, it was relatively quickly clear to build with wood. I have looked at various providers for several years. I am satisfied with the choice of the house and company. I was amazed at the speed of assembly and the small amount of space required for the 9 packages upon delivery. The price-performance ratio is great. I definitely recommend…” - Dirk

We love hearing honest customer reviews – it helps us continuously improve and develop well-designed solutions for primary or secondary living.

Cooperation with our architect team and the ability to create bespoke solutions allow our clients to implement even their wildest design ideas! We are always up to changing the position of partitions, windows, doors, narrowing or widening some elements of a particular model to ensure a perfect solution that will satisfy one's needs just perfectly. Or you could go all in and create a bespoke solution based on your individual requirements from scratch. 

Dirk has chosen our charming two-storey twin-skin wooden house AURA, featuring a lovely balcony and spacious terrace, and made several adjustments to match his needs perfectly:

"First, I needed a boiler room; then, I needed to adjust the position of the main entrance to be on the other side of the street. There were 3 double patio doors in the standard house and no space to put a cupboard or a sofa. Also, I decided to narrow the balcony door to get the room needed for the cabinet. I moved the bathroom window a bit to avoid splashing from the shower/bathtub." - Dirk

Optimal price-value-performance ratio? For sure!

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing appearance and functional residential space arrangement, one of the key aspects for Dirk was the cost of the house. Being a single homeowner, Dirk placed the utmost importance on the cost-efficiency and price-value ratio:

“For years, I have been looking for a company whose price-performance ratio is unbeatable. German companies are usually twice as expensive. Scandinavian companies are usually even more so.” - Dirk

Also, an essential aspect for Dirk when choosing a house was its size. Due to a relatively narrow plot of land (construction width 8 meters), he needed to find a model that would fit into this space and won't feel cramped inside. After a thorough comparison of various product offers by different suppliers, Dirk was able to find the perfect solution at our company. A two-storey layout of wooden house AURA has come especially in handy for achieving the utmost value of the available construction space.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the process!

When purchasing a prefabricated wooden building at, you can conveniently choose between two assembly options: DIY, when customers install the building themselves or professional assembly. Dirk has chosen his house to be built by an assembly team. We fully understand his choice, as more complex structures truly require a bit of previous construction experience, dedication and could be much more time-consuming than compact garden cabins.

"I experienced the whole structure (house) as very positive. Despite the rain, a beautiful house was built within 3 weeks. All ambiguities were resolved immediately, requests were met and delivery damage was reimbursed." - Dirk

However, if you are more a DIY type of person, have some solid construction experience and could gather a team of friends to help you out, you could make this project happen for you! It will also allow you to save some additional costs that you would otherwise spend on professional assembly. Our prefabricated wooden building kits contain numbered parts, all the required hardware and clear installation instructions, making the self-assembly possible and realistic.

Lovely Space Extension Outdoors

Many of our prefabricated wooden houses have integrated covered terraces, balconies or can be upgraded with a lovely outdoor lounging area. Dirk's selected AURA house features a combination of both: a spacious covered patio in front of the main entrance and side of the building, as well as a large balcony, where Dirk placed a hammock – what a dreamy lounging oasis in the fresh air! 

If you are thinking about a wooden residential solution, we advise taking advantage of the outdoor area! It will allow you to extend the internal space, enjoy lots of fresh air and have a space to have cosy family dinners or breakfasts outdoors.

Homey and Welcoming Design

We truly enjoy seeing how our clients create a cosy home out of our prefabricated wooden houses. Exterior and interior design solutions play a vital role in the cosiness of a newly built residential space. We adore Dirk's interior design choices – a combination of stylish minimalism with just the right amount of countryside feel. We see that Dirk has integrated lots of wooden elements, beautifully blending with the wooden aesthetics of the house and ensuring a cosy feeling from the moment you step into this gorgeous space. To better preserve the wood, the house was tinted with brown wood treatment, beautifully revealing the natural wooden aesthetics, and creating a more defined and stylish look.

Let’s Get Technical!

Dirk needed a comfortable house to create a cosy and functional solo residence, perfect for residing all year round. Although Dirk lives alone and could have been fine with a more compact solution, he shared that his daughter and friends frequently visit him; thus, he needed a more spacious house with several bedrooms. After thorough research of various models, Dirk settled for our insulated twin-skin log cabin house AURA and made some adjustments with our architect team to perfectly match his individual requirements. 
Log Cabin House AURA (44+44 mm + Insulation), 100 m² With 35 m² Terrace

• A slight modification of the cabin’s layout.
• Changed position of entrance doors.
• Reduced number of patio doors.
• Narrowed balcony doors.
• Moved position of the bathroom window.

Extras & Additional Services
• Waterproofing membrane
• Complete set of triple-glazed wooden windows
• Static calculations
• Preparation and submission of building application documents
• Heat certificate according to EnEV
• Sheet metal roof in shingle look
• Antiseptic wood preservative
• Isolation package
• Gutter set
• Mediation for the assembly service + laying the welding line
Choosing a residential wooden house could be quite a challenge – if you are thinking about such a solution, do not hesitate to contact us as the selection process is much easier with a qualified specialist on board! If you want to learn more about the construction process, model characteristics, assembly or anything else, do let us know - call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected]

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