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Customer Story: Anthony & Rebecca and their Luxury Log Cabin with Wood Fired Hot Tub in Chwilog, Wales

Our customers Anthony and Rebecca have decided to develop a luxury accommodation project for hosting guests in the picturesque rural area of Lôn Goed. Once they established the need for such property, the couple purchased some land close to the centre of Chwilog and started looking for the perfect wooden house solution. Their superb accommodation is now entering the second season, and the owners couldn’t be happier with their choice – our insulated wooden house HYMER. Based on the 9.4 visitor review score on (at the time of writing this story), Anthony and Rebecca’s Luxury Log Cabin is highly appreciated among the visitors as well.

“We purchased a plot of land on Llyn Peninsular North Wales with a view to siting a number of holiday letting properties. These included a Log Cabin, Mongolian Yurt, Oak framed chalet and possibly a treehouse. Our initial decision was to purchase a log cabin that would withstand all seasons and allow our guests to use it all year round. This is the first property that we decided to go ahead with after establishing the need for such accommodation in our area.” - Anthony

Finding the perfect wooden house – in terms of quality, style and value

Anthony and Rebecca have compared numerous manufacturers and suppliers when choosing the wooden house for their luxury accommodation project. Yet, none of them matched the quality, aesthetic requirements, and value for money like did. Friendly advice provided by the customer support team also played a key role and was a huge factor in their decision-making process.

“The criteria that we set ourselves were ultimately design and quality-driven. After researching a number of different suppliers, we were excited about the product range on offer at, and it was a difficult choice deciding what model to go for as there were several potential buildings that fit our requirements.” - Anthony

Easy DIY assembly? Challenge accepted!

Our prefabricated wooden houses arrive with easy-to-grasp installation instructions, allowing the customers to add an exciting DIY factor to their wooden house experience. Building a structure of this size could seem like a solid challenge at first; however, it is truly manageable. The property owners spoke fondly of their wooden house installation process. The couple has decided to assemble the house themselves, which has led to a highly satisfactory experience and the lasting memory of accomplishment:

“Rebecca and I built the cabin by ourselves, except for the concrete slab that our subcontractor installed. The whole process was very simple and straightforward, and whilst it took us both nearly 3 weeks to complete due to the larch shingle roof that we decided to install, the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and we would definitely recommend this route as the sense of achievement once complete is a lasting memory for the two of us.” - Anthony

Honest feedback

Once the initial joy and emotions have settled, we asked Anthony to provide an honest review about their wooden house construction experience:

“As we are now entering our second season, we are delighted with our purchase. The characteristics of the cabin change and become more interesting as the timber seasons and continues to mellow with time. The cabin is unbelievably warm in the Winter, and you can truly use it all year round. We are extremely pleased with how well insulated the cabin is, and feedback from our guests is of a very high standard.” - Anthony

Both the owners and guests love this gorgeous accommodation – what more could you ask for?

Let’s Get Technical!

Anthony and Rebecca needed a sturdy and reliable solution for their luxury accommodation business. The owners have carefully looked through numerous supplier and model options until they found an insulated residential cabin HYMER, fitted with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and a cosy patio, meeting their quality and aesthetic requirements.


Residential Log Cabin HYMER (44+44 mm + Insulation), 42 m² + 10 m² Terrace

Additional Services

Concrete slab foundation (installed by a subcontractor)

Finding the right solution for the accommodation business is as important as choosing a residential place for yourself. The selected house must be sturdy and inviting and meet all the quality and aesthetic requirements the guests might have. At, we have a vast assortment of wooden homes that could be applied for similar purposes. If you want something unique and have a bespoke project idea in your mind, we would like to hear it and make it a reality. If you want to learn more about the construction process, model characteristics, assembly or anything else, do let us know - call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected] 

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