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Customer Story: AJ, Kris & Their Dreamy Blue Haven Studio Lodge in London

Seeing our products come to life and serve our customers to their highest potential is always a rewarding experience for us. By sharing these stories, we will hopefully inspire you to go for your dreams by implementing your own wooden cabin project. Our customers AJ & Kris have decided to create their private relaxation oasis in the garden space, which could also serve as an Airbnb property in Greater London and chose as their partner for this project.

Blue Haven Studio Lodge With Terrace

At the beginning of 2021, AJ & Kris have ordered a twin-skin version of our log cabin ISLA. They felt that their garden space had so much potential to become a centre of attraction for cosy evenings with family and friends and eventually evolve into a profitable business opportunity, bringing new connections and a steady flow of side income. AJ approached us to help them bring this project to life, and we were more than happy to dive into it! When we saw how this project turned out, we were in awe for a few moments! Stylish cabin’s exterior, coloured in a lovely blue tint, and the delightful covered terrace looked truly inviting. We asked AJ to share his experience with us, elaborate on the whole journey of Blue Haven Studio Lodge coming to life and let us know if everything went smoothly and as they expected, and he responded:

“We love the product, and it really looks as nice as we imagined it would be. All our guests love it and find it very cosy inside. We picked as the installation looked quite straightforward, and you had a great selection of insulated cabins that are suitable for use all year. There was always someone available to respond to my queries before purchasing. Marina, our sales manager, and the architect were very patient when finalising the designs for me.” - AJ

We were pleased to hear that AJ's expectations were met!

Blue Haven Studio Lodge With Terrace

Building A Garden Cabin by Yourself? Mission Possible!

AJ & Kris wanted to dive fully into the garden cabin experience and build it with their own hands – they always knew this whole project would become a fun and exciting DIY activity.

“The assembly of the walls and the main building were quite straightforward and quite quick. However, I think that there could be more help when it comes to double-walled cabins. The staff members were very helpful if I had any questions.” - AJ


AJ has shared that they have encountered some organisational issues during the construction process – due to the shortage of materials, the foundations arrived a month later than the wooden parts, which delayed the installation of the cabin. Even though it took longer than expected, this issue didn’t ruin the owners' excitement about their upcoming project.
Our prefabricated buildings provide our customers with the opportunity to build the garden cabins themselves. When choosing a more compact structure, assembling it yourself shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, yet one can always opt for professional help. If a customer chooses to make a DIY project out of it, we are always ready to help and provide tips and advice regarding the assembly.

Inspiration Behind the Interior

When it comes to decorating the interior and exterior of the garden cabin, the possibilities are extraordinary! AJ has shared with us that he has put a lot of consideration, time, and effort into designing the internal space of Blue Haven Studio Lodge  – he spent months working out the best kitchen & bathroom layout, deciding where to put the internal walls and trying to squeeze a comfortable bed in the niche which he built from spare pieces of wood from the lodge – what a sustainable, imaginative and eco-friendly way to use the spare wood! We are truly inspired by the dedication and love which was put into arranging and decorating the interior of this cabin.

“I wanted to go for a nice bright colour on the exterior, so I went for a nice blue to create a seaside feel and to contrast with the green grass and trees behind. I kept the blue theme with curtains and blinds and added a few other primary colours. I wanted to keep as much wood as possible inside as it looks beautiful and feels cosy.” - AJ


The Ultimate Relaxation Space

Initially, this cabin was meant to become a lovely garden oasis for family and friends. A perfect space for lounging and disconnecting from the outer world, spending evenings in the delightful terrace and enjoying life to the fullest. The owners compromised on the internal space to have the large terrace outdoors, and, according to AJ, it was certainly worth it as they love spending time cosily sitting there. The large covered terrace area is a perfect spot for enjoying a calm and relaxing garden atmosphere, leaving all the day's worries behind.

Blue Haven Studio Lodge With Terrace

A Rewarding Business Opportunity

The ability to share the vibe this gorgeous structure emanates has encouraged the owners to create an Airbnb listing and start a successful rental business as well. A self-contained studio lodge with a stylish covered terrace is a lovely selection for a short-term rental business. This soulful cabin, located approximately 30 min by foot and train to the heart of London, is highly appreciated by the London city visitors who choose to stay there. Those who wish to experience the countryside-like feeling, the hospitality of the locals and stay not far from the bubbling city and main tourist attractions will find Blue Haven Studio Lodge to be a perfect location!

Let’s Get Technical!

AJ & Kris wanted a sturdy insulated cabin suitable for all-year-round use, and they found a vast selection of insulated log cabins at After in-depth considerations, they have selected a twin-skin version of our log cabin ISLA., modified the internal layout, and moved some of the windows to accommodate what they needed in the lodge.

Log Cabin ISLA (44+44 mm + Insulation), 6x5 m (20'x16'), 18 m² With 7 m² Terrace

• Cabin layout’s reversal, transferring a small room to the left side of the building.
• Moved positions of windows and partitions.

Extras & Additional Services
• Concrete Base 
• Thermal Insulation
• Green Bitumen Roofing Shingles With A Roofing Felt Shingle Underlay

If you are thinking of a similar solution for your backyard and have any questions which you would like to clarify, do not hesitate to contact us for friendly advice! We sell high-quality wooden prefabricated building kits and strive to become a valuable partner in making your wooden building dream projects come true. So if you want to learn more about the construction process, model characteristics, assembly or anything else, do let us know - call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected]










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