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Customer Story: A Family-Run Glamping Park in Cyprus – Mountain View Included

Christoforos had a clear vision – a glamping park with the best that nature had to offer, including the cabins. Luckily, he launched the business in 2017 the way he planned it, and now the Cyprus Glamping Park is booming. Glampers can choose from cabins with terraces, work spaces, and dining inside in the kitchen or outside in the sun (or both!). There’s nothing like experiencing nature among olive trees, in a perfect location with a beach less than 1 kilometre away. There’s no cement walls or lifts that isolate you from the beauty of nature – this is an environmentally friendly holiday destination that doesn’t compromise comfort. 

The cabins were ideal for providing high-quality accommodation while maintaining the authenticity of nature at the same time. You can't get more sustainable than wood so we wanted to have wooden cabins, as we are environmentally friendly and we want to promote a sustainable business and lifestyle in general. – Christoforos

It has been more than five years since the glamping park was established, and the cabins keep on giving. Even though the owners had some reservations concerning their longevity initially, the structures are as solid as ever. Each model has also been given a city name to represent the idea that everyone is welcome here – and that each building is unique in style. Let’s see how this glamping park came to life!

A smooth assembly process and exciting rewards 

Building the cabins might have seemed like a daunting prospect at first, but the assembly instructions and our staff’s help was enough to build the structures successfully without any previous experience. Since Christoforos’ glamping park is constantly growing, he’s been ordering more buildings over the years – and the assembly process gets easier each time. The park hosts cabins from our catalogue, as Christoforos states he didn’t need to customise the models – the current designs are close to what he was already envisioning for his eco-friendly, relaxing hideaway. The owners might be up for customisation in the future, though, as the growing park may have bigger plans ahead.

The cabins are great for families looking for a spot to put their feet up and enjoy the marvels of nature in bright, open-plan buildings with modern decor. Glampers can choose a cabin with separate bedrooms, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. When the guests have settled in, they’re welcome to visit a few noteworthy highlights – BBQ facilities and the vegetable garden are Cyprus Glamping Park’s signature attractions.

The joys of glamping

Glamping is glamorous camping, which means spending time in nature without having to bid farewell to the comforts of daily life, for example living in cabins instead of tents. The location is ideally next to a lake, beach, or some sort of clearing that provides an unforgettable view. This can be a very mindful experience, which is partly why it became so trendy – running away from daily stressors without having a moment to reflect can lead to burnout. Fortunately, glamping or spending a weekend away in nature can be the uplifting adventure many are searching for.

Our eco-friendly range of cabins were ideal for Christoforos. He claims that the high-quality wood paired with reasonable prices was a big factor in the decision making process – just like the clear communication from our sales managers and the beautifully designed cabins. Christoforos stresses that over the years of choosing our company, he feels close to the staff – more like friends rather than business partners. 

Why Christoforos calls his “one-stop shop” 

The great reviews from both Christoforos and his guests truly speak for themselves. The owner points out the attractive pricing, professional communication, and the quality of the cabins – no other competitor could beat this type of package deal. His guests also gladly leave excellent reviews about Cyprus Glamping Park, highlighting the relaxing atmosphere and thoughtfully crafted cabins with all the right amenities. 

Even though Cyprus Glamping Park has wooden cabins you can find on, our bespoke projects are also a popular choice for an added touch of your own vision, which can distinguish your business from all others. Whether it’s the construction or the look, our sales managers would gladly help you with a design that stands out from the rest. To have a chat about how you can create your own success story, give us a call at 02070994301 and we’ll discuss the wide range of options you can choose from. If you’d like to email us instead, go ahead and use this address: [email protected]. We’d be very excited to hear from you!


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