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Cumbria and log cabins

Cumbria is an English county situated in the North West of England and has always been a popular tourist attraction. Tourists from around the world visit Cumbria every year. Although the county has a population of just five million people, in terms of its area Cumbria ranks third among the Ceremonial Counties in the country. It has a population density of just over 73 persons per square kilometre, which is among the lowest in England.

The county has Scotland to the north and the Irish Sea to the west. Cumbria comprises of six districts, which are – Allerdale, Barrow in Furness, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden and South Lakeland. The Lake District and the Lake District National Park are important parts of Cumbria and are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Almost the entire county consists of rural areas and mountainous terrains.

Cumbria has a large number of tall mountains including Scafell Pike, which is the tallest mountain peak in the country at a height of 3209 feet above sea level. In actual fact, every mountain peak in England with a height of more than 3000 feet above sea level is in the county of Cumbria. The county is endowed with natural beauty making it a preferred destination for tourists from around the world.

Log cabins are particularly popular in Cumbria as holiday homes among the hordes of tourists that visit this place every year. If you are planning a vacation at a destination that is highly relaxing and comfortable and offers spending time in a natural habitat, a holiday trip to Cumbria with a stay arrangement in one of these log cabins is an excellent choice.

Cumbria – one of the most preferred tourist destinations in England

England is popular for several tourist destinations, with Cumbria featuring at the top of the list. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for nature and adventure lovers, Cumbria is indeed the ideal choice. Not many places on earth offer a cosy vacation in the way that Cumbria does. If you visit this place and rent a log cabin for the duration of your stay, you can look forward to having the time of your life. It will indeed be a memorable experience that you will cherish forever. Cumbria is also home to historical sites such as Carlisle Castle, Hadrian’s Wall, considered a heritage site by UNESCO, and Furness Abbey.

The most famous tourist destination in the county is the Lake District National Park. Over 15 million tourists from different parts of Europe, America and Asia visit the national park each year. Tourism is the primary industry of not just this area of the county but of the entire county. The Lake District National Park has a local population of just around 50,000 and almost the entire population works in the tourism industry ‒ tourists are offered excellent service and hospitality in Cumbria. From both the food to the accommodation, Cumbria offers the best and log cabins are renowned among the visiting tourists.


You can rent a Log Cabins

Tourists visiting Cumbria can opt to stay in a log cabin instead of conventional lodging or boarding. Since the size of the local population is very low in the county, most of the people in Cumbria are tourists, with the majority of local inhabitants being in the tourism and hospitality industry, and several of them own cabins made of wooden logs that are rented by them to the visiting tourists.

For those people who are unaware of what log cabins are, they are homes made by assembling wooden logs. Log cabins have a long history in Europe; even in the United Kingdom, houses made of timber have been in existence for over 11 millennia. Although in medieval times wood ceased to be the main element used for constructing homes, houses made of logs have made a comeback in recent times. These timber log houses are common in the rural areas of Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe.

In the UK, they are popular in Scotland, and since Cumbria is situated near Scotland, log cabins are popular as vacation homes among the people who stay there. The local population has capitalised on this opportunity and many of them own homes made of wooden logs and offer them for rent.

Owing to the fact that wood is a natural insulator, these cabins offer comfortable living conditions that are protected from any sudden change in the weather. For your vacation tour to Cumbria, renting a log cabin is a brilliant choice. Not only will you enjoy living in an exotic home, you will also enjoy living in a natural environment and get the necessary protection from the weather.

In Cumbria, various types of wooden houses are available for rent; from a single room garden cabin to more lavish and luxurious five-star log cabin accommodation, there is something in every budget range.

You can buy it as well

A log cabin is also a good investment. Cabins made of high-quality timber have a long lifespan. Their commercial value, especially in tourist destinations such as Cumbria increases significantly. They can also be rented out, which results in a steady income all year round. If you wish to invest in a wooden home in Cumbria, it has the potential to be a good source of income and an excellent investment option.

Several log cabin manufacturers in the UK offer cost efficient and high-quality wooden cabins. These cabins are lightweight and therefore can be easily transported to the place of your choice ‒ such as Cumbria. You can either assemble them on a do it yourself (DIY) basis or hire the services of professionals. Investment in a timber log house in Cumbria is a wise investment decision.

Cumbria is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers. Living in the relaxing environment of a log cabin, breathing clean and fresh air and enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the national park is one of the best ways to spend your vacation with friends and family.

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