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Create a Cozy Log Cabin Interior

It is a great challenge to create a cozy and comfortable living space in a log cabin. However, it is possible if you have a clear plan and some helpful information.

The first rule to follow: have only small furniture in a small log cabin room. Want to have a sofa in your lounge? Go ahead, but make it 2 seats sofa. What lounge could be without a TV? You could easily attach it to the wall. Want space for some books? Suspended shelves can be a perfect decision for a small room in your residential log cabin. In fact, everything that occupies little floor area will fit. The key thing is that the more floor space you leave, the more spacious your room will look like. That‘s why it is not recommended to have big soft carpets in your log cabin. Timber floor will look just fine as such floor reflects the light and creates additional feeling of spaciousness.

For the same reason, it is advised to have furniture with elegant and miniature legs. A bed with such legs will occupy much less space visually rather than a bed without any legs which is just pressed against the floor. The same rule is applied to the bath, if you still decide to squeeze it into your small space.

The second rule is to select multifunctional furniture. A sofa bed will be helpful in the lounge when you need to put up some guests. A coffee table in your log cabin can have a hidden shelf for magazines, books or other stuff you wouldn‘t like to display to your guests.

Also it is good to have decorative movable walls which can be used to separate the working space from the guest room for example. Their main advantage is that they can be moved from one place to another or placed in the wardrobe when not necessary.

It is also very important to place the furniture in such a way, so that you wouldn‘t have to press yourself against the wall when moving around the room. And there is one more trick– it is worth to place a high decorative piece of furniture, a fresco or some other long vertical decorative elements in the furthest corner of your room. The thing will attract your attention as soon as you enter the room, but, as it will be far away from you, it will create the feeling of spaciousness.

It is also important to pay attention to the material you use to decorate the interior. In a small room it is recommended to use light colour, light texture and shiny material. It means, the perfect choice is to add some stainless steel accents or glass touch to your design: a table with a glass surface is good as you can see the floor through it and it also adds a feeling of spaciuosness and lightness.

Mirrors is another trick which optically make the space larger and reflect the light, that‘s why they are often placed in small space. If your garden log cabin windows are small and let little light, you can place a mirror on either side of the window. They will let more light inside and visually will increse the window.

It will be quite interesting if you place a mirror in the eating room. By the way, according to the Eastern philosophy, a rich variety of dishes on the table reflected in the mirror will bring wealth and a full life.

The colours as well as the texture of a log cabin should be light. The less colours you  have, the better. A wide range of colours will create a chaos and will reduce the space visually. A room coming in one colour will look bigger and clearer. So, it is advisable to decorate a small room by 3 colour shades of the same colour range. The most appropriate colours are white, light brown shades and ivory colour. The wall shades should be reflected in the furniture, accessories and light weight curtains.

Last, but not least, is the lighting. The aim is to let as much light inside as possible. So, it is not recommended to hide the windows behind the thick curtains. If you can see a spectacular view from the window, may be you don‘t need thick curtains at all and could replace it by louver. Still, if you do want to have curtains, it‘s better to have the ones made from light material.

If you decide to go for artificial lighting, it should be made closer to the ceiling. The higher the light source is, the more light you‘ll have and the more spacious the room will be.

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