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Why to Consider Log Cabin House as Your New Home?

A Log Cabin House is not merely a collection of woods; it is a highly efficient abode and those who desire to live close to the nature or reduce their impact over the environment find log cabin houses to be the right choice.

The benefits of living in a log cabin house are immense and we have endeavoured to highlight a few of them to help you take the right decision.

   1  Natural Living onditions

For someone who wants to live a natural life away from the pollution of large cities, a log cabin house is a suitable option. Wood is naturally available in nature and the logs used for the construction of log houses are from the trees that are already dead. It is therefore recycling of naturally available material.

The wooden logs also have a natural resistance to extreme weather conditions and this makes a log cabin house long lasting and durable.

   *  Log cabin houses are made from naturally available material – wood.

   *  Enables living in close proximity with the nature.

   *  Provides for a more natural living due to the inner and the outer elements.

   *  Allows fresh air and natural light to enter into the house.

 *  Traps heat as wood is a natural insulator thereby reducing reliance on artificial temperature control equipment.

   2  Serene and Peaceful Environment

A log house enables you to live in a peaceful and serene environment away from the buzzing noise of the city. The constant cacophony in a city can have detrimental effects over one’s health, both physical and mental.

It affects the ability to think clearly and have several other effects over the mind. Log cabin houses make it possible to live in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Such an environment is almost meditative in nature and helps improve your mental faculties.

   *  Living in a log house results in a better mental wellbeing.

   *  Helps improve physical health.

   *  Improves intelligence and creativity.

   *  Prevents several hearing related defects that are common in a highly populated city.

   *  Helps improve concentration.

   *  A peaceful environment improves efficiency to work and makes a person more effective.

   *  Help prevent any other negative effects.

   3  Healthy Lifestyle

Log cabin homes helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. The peaceful atmosphere helps improve physical and mental health and enables you to make maximum use of your physical as well as mental abilities.

The natural lifestyle offered by log cabins helps its inhabitants to live in the lap of Mother Nature and enjoy all the benefits of a natural life.

Several physical ailments such as hypertension, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and several other diseases and defects can be reduced to a great extent by living in a natural environment and log cabin houses, in today’s world are the best medium of natural living.

A healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with a natural environment and there cannot be a better option than a log cabin house. Also the energy efficiency of log cabin houses ensure that there is lower dependency on artificial methods of weather control and therefore less pollution which otherwise would have adversely affected the health of the people living in the house.

   4  Highly Energy Efficient

Log house cabins are highly efficient in terms of their energy consumption. Wood is a natural insulator and therefore the transfer of heat between the interior and the exterior of the house is restricted.

Unlike traditional concrete structures, the temperatures inside a wooden structure remain largely unaffected. This reduces the need for artificial temperature control and hence the requirement of equipment such as air conditioners, heaters and refrigerators reduce considerably.

The reduction in the energy consumption also means that there is lesser carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. If you are concerned of conserving energy and using it wisely to minimise your carbon footprint, log cabin houses provide a feasible option.

   5  A Commercially Viable Option

Log cabin houses are more feasible commercially as compared to traditional brick and concrete houses. Log cabin houses have a longer life and depending upon the quality of the wood used, the life may extend beyond 25 years. They require fewer maintenance activities than traditional houses.

Log cabin houses are highly energy efficient thereby reducing the cost of energy by 25 to 30 percent. Due to the lesser requirement of weather control equipment, the life of these equipment is extended and therefore helps saving the cost that would have been incurred for buying, servicing and replacing them.

Due to the various health benefits associated with log cabin houses, the medical expenditure also reduces considerably. This further helps people living in log houses to become more productive and efficient.

The commercial value of log cabin houses, due to their unique styles, designs and other advantages is much higher than traditional homes. Log cabins generally do not have standard designs and they are built in unique styles and patterns. This makes log houses a beneficial real estate investment option.

   6  High Quality and Requires Less Maintenance

Log cabin houses are generally constructed from high quality wood and this makes them durable, robust and resilient. It also means that there will be lower expenditure on maintaining them in the long run.

Apart from its monetary benefits, a log house with low maintenance requirements is a good choice since in reduces hassles involved in maintenance activities.

   7  A Unique Style

Log cabin houses allow you to be creative. You can choose various designs and décor items for the interiors as well as the exteriors of the log cabin.

You can try out various combinations enabling you to try something new and different and give a personal touch to your wooden abode.

   8  Better Utilisation of Space

Log cabin houses are mostly customisable and this makes them more efficient in terms of utilising space. They can accord more rooms and furniture in a lesser space. Also, since these can be customised based on your preferences, you can get them designed according to your requirements. You can add features in the house that you need while eliminate those which you do not require.

Log cabin houses are indeed a fantastic option that you can consider for your new house. They offer a natural and healthy lifestyle, an economically viable option, more energy efficiency, better space utilisation and more importantly a personal touch to the place you call home.

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