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Colin's Wooden Carport (Hampshire)

It‘s very convenient to have a garage or a carport in which you can keep you car, boat or bike secured from such factors like birds attacks (yes, you know what we have in mind), dust, rain or even snow. Many people appreciate such advantages and this goes for Colin from Hampshire.


carport 3 There are two cars in Colin’s family, so he needed something bigger than the average carport. Therefore, he chose a wooden carport double with an integrated shed. This kind of carport is big enough to cover 2 sizable vehicles and provides plenty of indoor storage space for such things as tyres, tools, lawnmowers or any other kind of stuff. carport 2 We had this wooden carport in stock so we were able to deliver it to Colin immediately and our assembly team installed it within a day.

We are very grateful to Colin for sharing his wooden carport pictures with us and wish him well with his carport for the coming decades.

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