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A Closer Look at the Log Cabin Benington

Are you looking forward to buying a log cabin that you can call your own? Today, owning one is easy when you buy the Log Cabin Benington which measures 4.5 metres by 3 metres. It is made from Nordic or Scandinavian spruce pine at a thickness of 34mm. With this type of wood, you can be certain of enjoying natural insulation the whole year round. Furthermore, this cabin can be the perfect place where you can do the things that you love. Alternatively, you can make use of this log cabin as an elegant and beautiful storage space for your valuable tools and belongings.


Benington Log Cabin Description

An extra shed could be installed on either the right or the left side of the cabin. This is possible because all of the log cabins that are sold come with walls that are interchangeable. The roof also comes with shingles, providing additional covering and protection.  The shingles are made of bitumen and come in five layers, so you have the assurance that your roof is protected no matter what the condition of the weather is. It also has a twin-skin option with double insulation boards placed between the two walls. Furthermore, the Log Cabin Benington is supplied with pressure-treated floor bearers, ensuring durability and stability at the same time.

Quality Features of Log Cabin Benington

Opting for the Log Cabin Benington gives you the opportunity to enjoy quality features that cannot be obtained from other commercial log cabins out there. These features are as follows:


Better Resistance to Rot and Mould

The Benington log cabin is made from northern conifer timber, which is classified as slow-grow. This kind of timber is known to be denser than any other types of wood out there, making it extra resistant from rot and mould. Thus, you can be certain that this type of wooden cabin will simply last for many years, giving you a much longer time to feel the thrill of dwelling inside a log cabin.

Reinforced Roof Construction

Taking the time to buy a Benington cabin is something that can make you feel sure about your safety whilst inside it. This is due to the fact that the cabin is made with a triple-gable roof and massive roof joists, preventing your roof from sagging.


High Quality Doors and Windows

The Benington log cabin usually comes with certified double-glazed windows and doors. In fact, these doors and windows are extremely competitive because they are simply one of the best on the market today. As such, you can always feel proud every time you enter your cabin and when you want to sit by the window and relax.

Secure Locks and Hinges

Aside from the fact that the cabin’s doors and windows are double-glazed and one of the best of their kind on the market, rest assured that they are also equipped with strong and sturdy steel hinges. These hinges can withstand up to one hundred thousand openings. With its high quality and dependable door locks, optimum security is what you can achieve day in and day out.


Warranty and Support

The Log Cabin Benington comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty. Since this cabin is made from a type of timber that’s naturally resistant to rot and mould, the company has no qualms in offering such kind of warranty. However, you need to remember that this cabin should be treated annually with a high quality wood preserver.

Installing the Log Cabin Benington

When it comes to the installation of the log cabin, the following are available to you:


Order an installation service. Highly qualified assembly professionals will be the ones to help you install your log cabin.

If you choose to do the installation on your own then you can easily do it by following the assembly instructions that usually come with the cabin.

All parts of the cabin are sequentially numbered or marked, allowing you to easily identify each part and where it should belong.

Get installation support and advice. You can always call the company’s customer support team in the case of you wanting to raise a question or when you need to get clarifications on certain issues.

Best of all, the Log cabin Benington is tagged with an affordable price and is delivered to you in the fastest way possible.

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