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Classic Wooden Carport Made with Conifer Wood

High Quality Log Cabin

This log cabin comes in a classic design which makes it a very elegant sight. Made with all natural conifer timber, it has a rustic yet sophisticated look. This carport will add value to your home without being costly.


The Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce used makes this wooden carport very resistant to decay. With proper care and adequate treatment, your wooden garage will remain in excellent condition for a very long time. It is very weather resistant and will stay in great shape from one season to another.

Have Us Install it for You

In addition to making the parts for your wooden carport, we offer the option to have us install it for you as well. Indeed, we have highly skilled professionals who can complete the installation of your log cabin along with any added extra options.

They work diligently and always deliver outstanding results. Our installation service is very affordable and it allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your wooden carport is assembled properly. You can conveniently pay for this service after we have finished installing your log cabin for you.

Even though our installation service is very convenient, we understand that you might prefer handling the installation of your wooden carport by yourself. In that case, you might want to visit the planning portal for planning practice guidance and resources before you install your log cabin.


More Than Just A Carport

Having a wooden carport is not only good for your car but it also offers a wide range of other benefits. For instance, this wooden carport can be used as a shaded porch as well. You get a cool area that is protected from direct sunlight where you can sit down, and enjoy a sunny day.

You might also want to use it as a covered outdoor play area. And in absence of a car, it makes a great garden work-space. You can put all your garden materials, tools and supplies, and keep them dry and hidden from direct sun exposure. You get more out of your classic wooden carport by putting it to use in absence of a car.

Convenience and Protection

This economical log cabin protects your car which remains fast and easy to access at any time. On the one hand, you get to keep your car outside; on the other hand you still get the protective benefits of having it under a roof.

Fast access means that you do not have to go through the hassle of opening and closing a garage door every time you go out with your car. Having a roof means that the sun, rain or snow will not be able to cause any damage to your car's exterior.


Several Extra Options

A certain number of extra options are available with the purchase of this log cabin. You can customize the roof covering by choosing between green and red shingles, this will change the finish and the look of your wooden carport from the outside.

Choosing adequate roof covering is essential in extending the lifespan of your wooden garage. We recommend that you treat the wood to protect it against rot and mould. We offer an optional clear wood treatment which provides maximum protection for your log cabin and makes it last longer.

Several payment options are available, and you need only make a deposit to secure your order while the balance is due upon delivery.

The classic wooden carport is a lightweight garage that provides essential protection for your car. It keeps your vehicle accessible at all times while protecting it against the sun and other weather damage. Having a carport made of slow-grow conifer timber guarantees an excellent product.

One of the options available when you order your log cabin is to have us install it for you. When professionally done, you have the added benefit of knowing that your garage was properly assembled, and will not suffer from defects resulting from a poorly done installation.

For added protection, you can choose to cover the roof with shingles. Applying wood treatment will increase the lifespan of your log cabin.

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