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Classic Decorating Tips for Log Cabins

Have you just bought a log cabin and you’re now looking for some great tips and ideas to give it an exceptionally classic and elegant look? Would you like to make your  residential log cabin a home where you can get peace of mind? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then you have found the right page. Here we will be discussing a few really effective, popular and timeless ideas for   log cabin décor, which will be consistent with the cabin’s natural aspects and help you maintain the simplicity and freshness that nature offers.

Firstly, when decorating a log cabin, it is important to remember to go with a simple natural look and not to change the interior completely, because the rich wooden look of the log house is its USP. Maintaining the fresh and unique look of the cabin when decorating your cottage to make it a cosy and comfortable should always be kept in mind. Additionally, too much design or colour in the room can ultimately make the cabin feel tense, uncomfortable and distracting. A classic, timeless style of log cabin decorating is extremely popular. This style is also commonly referred to as western or mountain style decorating or sometimes ranch, pioneer style decorating.

Here are few timeless ideas for a log cabin décor that can easily give your cabin an ideal look without breaking the bank.

Wood flooring and furniture: Wood flooring and furniture are certainly great examples of natural finishes. You can choose from various woods such as pine, birch or cedar as they all go well with a timeless log cabin style. You can either leave it as it is if you want to retain the natural look of the wood, or you can stain it if you plan to give your  residential timber cottage a rustic look. Wood is a great choice ‒ western style furniture is generally large rugged type furniture, with a simple design. Bare wood is used extensively. Cowboy prints, Native American prints or cabin style kinds of prints are generally used for fabrics. For the dining area, a rectangular table made of pine or cedar would be great. Old furniture can also be used as a valuable addition to your log cabin. Tables are also extremely popular and are a great way to add decoration to a vacant corner of the cabin. Additionally, they are also useful to de-clutter other tables. Moreover, they are available in an assortment of designs, styles, shapes and sizes. These tables also increase the look of the house and can also be used as a nightstand, display or end table.

Antler lighting: Antler lighting has been a popular décor choice for  log cabins and log homes for a long time. This type of lighting incorporates a raw and rustic feel to the ambiance. The light fixtures always help to create focal points in a house and the naturally shed antler lights can bring a nostalgic and rustic Wild West charm that will bring your rustic styled home close to perfection. Also there is a huge variety available on the market. You can pick just the right design and size in order to illuminate your cabin in any way you care to.

Wrought iron home decorations: In order to improve your residential log cabinyou can also use high quality wrought iron home fixtures. These timeless ideas help you improve the look and feel of your house without burning a hole in your pocket. There is a wide array of sophisticated and quality home improvements available at pocket friendly rates. They are extremely popular amongst cabin owners who have an eye for detail and put all their efforts into embellishing every single spot in the house. Some of the decorations you can incorporate are: coat bars, key holders, cabinet door knobs, wall hooks, cabinet door handles and more. A wisely chosen wrought iron key holder on one of the shelves in your living area will definitely be an attention grabber. Hooks, on the other hand, let you hang anything on the wall without spoiling the beauty of the cabin.     

The perfect picture frame: How can we not include a perfect picture frame in our list of timeless ideas with log cabin décor? A picture frame is one addition that can add more beauty and feel to the décor, no matter whether you are going with rustic décor or western style or any other decoration style for that matter. You just need to make sure that you choose the right picture, right frame and right size, according to the style of the decoration. Also it is not necessary that you get a picture framed, try something innovative and unique. For example, you can put scrapbook pages or quilts, special documents, pressed flowers or almost anything in a picture frame to make your home more unique.  Having vinyl letters placed in a series of picture frames to spell out a word on the wall is becoming popular. Think outside the box and have fun decorating your log house.      

Candelabrum: A candelabrum gives your room a timeless appeal, especially with scented candles which create a warm glow on chilly nights. A choice of western or rustic lamps would be excellent alternatives. Since long candelabras are used to increase the beauty and décor of the log houses and gives them a more comfortable, warm, cosy and welcoming look. They are available in an array of designs, styles and sizes, and depending on your needs you can pick one that best helps you decorate your surroundings.

Rugs, linens, and quilts: Not everybody knows that in completing the look of the  residentiallog cabin, rugs, linens, throws, quilts, beddings etc. also play a very vital role. They are available in different designs, colours and styles, making it easier for you to choose one that best suits your décor and help you create a classic look. Handmade pottery and handmade quilts really add to a comforting atmosphere. Also western style rugs are great for covering a wooden floor.    

So, go ahead and include these timeless ideas in your log cabin and give it an exceptionally unique, welcoming and appealing look.

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