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Christophoros's log cabins in Cyprus

There are no limits to the design ideas or to the destinations for our products as our experience has shown again and again. nica1When one of our clients contacted us he already had a great idea for the accommodation business in Cyprus. The assistance required from our team was to find the best design and to ship it to its sunny new place. nica2Our standard Nica 5m x 5m design was perfect as it is a compact size with one big area and separate shower room. This is more than enough for 2-3 people to stay in. Clay tiles were chosen as the roof covering to strengthen the cosy look of the wooden building. nica3The installation of our products is easy and the assembly instructions are always supplied together with the product. Due to this, it was easy to find a local team, even in Cyprus, to assemble our product without any confusion. nica5Is Cyprus one of your travel destinations? Do not be surprised if you find our beautiful Nica as one of your accommodation options there.

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