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Choose the NICA residential log cabin as your second home

Small residential log cabin

This garden house is both spacious and cosy. It comes with a glass door and two windows. Leaving the windows open allows air to freely circulate inside the log cabin on warm days. When it gets cold keeping them closed will help maintain the cabin warm as the windows are double-glazed.


This makes the perfect quiet space for an office with minimal noise coming in from the outside. The timber used to make the NICA is high quality slow-growing pine from forests that are managed sustainably.

Suited for a variety of uses

The NICA log cabin makes an excellent guest house. It can be set up and furnished in such a way that your guests have everything that they need for the duration of their stay with you. They will have their own a kitchen, washroom, living and dining room.


When there are no friends and family staying overnight, you can turn the NICA into a movie room. All you need to do is install your home theatre system and any night can be movie night for you and your family.


You might also prefer to set it up as a play room for your children. It is wide enough for them to be able to move around if they are playing games that call for lots of physical activity. The electrical wiring for your log cabin needs to follow the same safety guideline that you would for your home.

Add a personal touch to your garden house

Our NICA log cabin comes in a standard design, but this does not mean that yours must look generic. There are several elements that you can add to your log house to customize it. You can add pots and plants like vines.

You can also add a small patio for when you want to enjoy the beautiful weather while still being close to your log cabin. You could also opt for a roof window to let even more sunlight and air in. You can add roof covering materials such as green or red shingles to protect your roof and add a little colour.


A well maintain wooden house will last longer

Maintaining your log house dry and mould free should always be a priority. One of the most important things you can do to prevent moisture damage is to use a concrete base for you NICA garden house.

The goal is to not let it come directly in contact with the ground. In doing so, you protect it against rotting at the base or fungi infestation from the ground. The other important step is to treat the wood with the proper anti mould and anti fungi products.

And finally you need to add a water repellent coating to protect against moisture that might come in from daily use or from rain. With the right treatments and proper daily care, your log cabin can last for a very long time while remaining in top condition.


The NICA is a spacious and elegantly designed residential log cabin. With its glass door and glazed windows, it makes the ideal guest house or play room. It comes with two rooms giving you the ability to include a small washroom.

The larger area of the log cabin is meant for your furniture and appliances, for the kitchen and dining area as well as the living room. To make your garden house really you own, you can add extra items to customize its look such as plants and a patio.


The NICA is built for use all year long. With proper insulation, it will keep you warm during the winter. It can also make a great house for camping or short vacations, providing sleeping, washing and dining areas.

With this model you have a truly functional and versatile log cabin which makes it a good investment. It is durable and will remain in top condition as long as it is properly taken care of. For the storage space or simply to have an extra lounge room, the NICA will fulfil your needs.

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