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How to Choose the Best Wood for Your Wooden Garage

Before you finalise the wood for your wooden garage, you need to keep many important points in mind. Though, there are many good options on the market in addition to wood for a garage construction, the look and feel that you get from a wooden garage is hard to match by any other material that is on sale today. Wood gives a certain vintage and rustic feeling to the garage, making it look on par with the current trends on the market all the time. Before you begin the construction of the garage, you need to make sure that you are getting the best wood choices for the building.

Before deciding on the layout for the construction, you need to look at the usage of the garage. If you intend to use it for longer durations, then you must go with wood that is stronger and gives you longer life. You have to remember one thing in that the stronger the wood is, the tougher it will be for you to give it a nice shape according to the rest of the design of the house. However, you can still give the garage the shape you want by contacting the professionals. Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind before choosing the right wood for the garage doors.


Take a look at the area that you want the garage to be constructed in. If you have a large area and you want to fill up the space, then you can opt for wooden walls and for the roof you can use some other material. It is not necessary that you have to use the same material for the construction of the roof as the walls. As a large area will call for too much of wood usage, it will cost you a lot to fill up the entire available space. If you have an integrated cabin with the house that you want to convert into a garage, then you don’t have to go for the entire construction and you can use the existing parts of the cabin for the makeover of the garage. The best wood to use for this process will be timber as it is strong, comes in various options, and can be treated to give it protection against all seasons.


The look of the garage depends a lot on the material that is being used for the construction. If your house has an old design, then a wooden construction will go along with the rest of the theme of the house, giving it a complete and elegant look. The major advantage of wood is its look. A garage looks best when it is constructed using the designs of wood. Vinyl wood options are the best as they are safe from the harsh weather conditions and give you overall protection. You can also have the door and the windows made from vinyl.

Determine If New or Reused Wood Will Suffice

Before you select the wood for your garage, look for the wooden planks that can be reused for the construction of a garage. There are many planks in the house that are left unused and they can be of lot of help in the construction of the side walls or doors. If you are only planning to use the garage for storing purposes, then you don’t have to go for entirely new construction materials. Most people use a garage for the parking of motorcycles and people hardly use it to park their cars. If you have unused planks, then they can be used along with new plank options, giving you a lot of saving in the overall construction of the garage. This will add both functionality and style and you could also use the help of the design of the old planks. You can also use the parts of plastic and metals between the construction to give the garage a stronger build. Always remember to save where it counts.

Treated or Simple

It is always a better option to go for treated wood rather than a non treated one. A garage is a place where many things happen and many people wash their motorcycles and cars inside the garage. The wood that is used in the construction must be treated otherwise you will end up ruining the surface of the wood with water. If you have made the garage (or a wooden carport) with a wood that is not treated then you can get it sealed for added protection. The best way to get it done is with the help of professionals. They will help you to get the wood sealed in a perfect manner, making it safe from all the season types.


Always take a look at the kind of usage before selecting the wood for the construction of the cabin. If you use the garage for partying purposes also, then you must go for the wood that gives you a certain nice environment inside the garage. Many home owners opt for pine wood for the construction of the walls inside the cabin as it is cheap and it can be moulded into different styles and shapes. However, it is not safe to use in all weather types and may not hold all year round. Make sure that you look at the other options before you choose the right wood for the construction.

It is highly recommended that you take a look at the various options available on the market before deciding on which wood to use. It is best to take advice from the garage professionals as they will guide you in the right direction while selecting the wood and the type of construction. This way, you can save a lot in the wood as well as in the overall cost of the wooden garage. Ensure that the wood is treated and comes with a warranty. Always take estimates from more than two dealers to get the right deal.

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