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Building a Log Cabin in Autumn? Follow These Tips!

Many people ask whether autumn is the perfect time to build a log cabin; the success of your log house investment depends on several factors and choosing the right time of year for its construction makes all the difference. Why would you choose autumn to build or buy a timber cabin instead of winter, summer or spring? There are many debates regarding the best time for a log cabin investment but every expert agrees that timing is everything in the log construction industry. Thus, if you want to multiply your return on your investment and increase your chances of enjoying a hassle-free and smooth log home construction, make sure you know the tips when building a log house in autumn.


Helpful Tips in Building a Log Cabin in Autumn

Making a good log cabin investment does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the basics. You need to know the fundamentals of the log building industry especially in purchasing the important requirements and materials for the construction. How and when you buy the materials make a world of difference in how much you can actually save.

Tip 1 – When to Buy Your Log Cabin Materials

Build your dream log home in a slow market, which means it is more practical to buy the logs, timber, and other materials when the market is slow and relatively inactive. There are times of the year when the sales of logs or timber or prefabricated log cabins are exceptionally low. This is actually the best time when you should make a move and start accumulating the materials you need. Lower demands and higher supplies mean that the prices potentially drop as well. There are also times of the year when log manufacturers are discarding their old stocks or supplies in order to make way for new inventory. As long as the log or timber is still in the best shape and condition, buying old stocks with discounted prices is a wise decision.


Tip 2 – Get Help in Securing your Loan

Log producers may also facilitate your loan application while some log cabin manufacturers pay the interest rate on the loan of the borrower specifically during the period of construction. In some cases, the cabin manufacturer may opt to pay the mortgage one or two points, which equates to one or two percent of the total amount of your loan, respectively. Homeowners save thousands over the duration of the loan with this financial option or loan assistance. There are also options that cover a portion of the closing costs of the borrower.

Tip 3 – Building Permits are Easier to Get

In an industry that is trying to boost the log cabin business during specific times of the year, securing building permits become much easier. Moreover, you can enjoy lower labour costs because slow markets mean builders are also hungry for business or work demands. Most cabin manufacturers become flexible on their construction charges because of the need to boost their work order and keep their crew going. Autumn is the time of the year when there is a low demand for log houses and log cabin construction, thus, take advantage of this trend to increase your savings.


Tip 4 – Productivity is Better in Autumn

Builders and sub-contractors of log houses prefer autumn than the cold winter months when it is likely that they will compromise their productivity and the speed of their work. Workers need to wear bulky clothing during winter, affecting their speed and becoming less efficient. There are instances when winter construction affects the overall quality of the outcome, however, some experts say it is a debatable factor. Log cabin builders enjoy their work because there are few impediments in the environment during autumn compared to winter or colder seasons.

Tip 5 – Avoid the Work Delays in Winter or Summer

The extremely cold winter and smouldering hot summer have their downsides especially when it comes to logging cabin construction. Work delays due to the temperature spiking high or dropping low are quite inevitable and this could affect your budget and the overall quality of the work. Avoid the frigid or high temperature and choose autumn as the best time of the year to invest in your dream log home. The most effective way for cabin contractors and builders to accomplish their goal is when they are not battling with the climate and the surrounding environment.

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Tip 6 – Take Note of the Snow and Slow Transportation

One of the apparent reasons why it is best to build a log cabin in autumn is due to the snowy grounds that could affect the transportation of your cabin materials. It is definitely hard and even dangerous to unload and deliver the materials to the construction site with thick snow on the ground. Staging and moving the log house package along with the other materials on the site is easier and faster without any geographical challenges or terrain hindrances.

Tip 7 – Labour Costs Go Up During Certain Seasons

Additional labour costs are inevitable when building your log cabin during winter or colder months. Roofing, constructing the weather tight shell and others are much costlier when the season is colder and temperatures drop. There are also instances during summer when there are higher demands for log house construction, making labour costs higher than the slow months of autumn. It is best to consult with your builder and inquire if there are indeed differential charges for labour during different months and seasons.


Tip 8 – Skip Extra Precautions for Winter Construction

Winter construction is more expensive simply because it requires extra precautions such as the ones you need for installing foundation and footings. Before construction, you will need ground heaters, heated enclosures, warming blankets, and related labour costs. These expenditures are avoidable if you go for autumn as the perfect time to build a log cabin.

Timber houses are making a comeback and becoming lucrative investments today. Build a log cabin in autumn and increase your profits and benefits with the help of perfect timing.

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