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How to Build Your Own BBQ Hut

Learning how to build your own BBQ hut is one of the most rewarding things to do, especially if you are a fan of outdoor cookouts and dining. Before you learn the basics on how to build your own BBQ hut there are a few important things you need to know and understand.


Build your Own BBQ Hut – The Basics

Outdoor BBQ cookouts have become extremely popular among Europeans and people in other parts of the world. However, one of the first barbecue huts introduced within the industry was created having a Scottish or Scandinavian background. Just like log cabins, BBQ huts may have similar concepts of design and construction. A self-service BBQ hut has become a recent trend and although it has a traditional anathema for the rich and the elite, anyone can enjoy this remarkable structure.

You can choose between bespoke BBQ huts or buy something finished and manufactured. It would all boil down to your preferences and your available resources, specifically your allocated budget. How much can you realistically afford to build your own BBQ hut? These are essential questions that must be carefully thought through and considered.

Top Tips to Build Your Own BBQ Hut

Building your own BBQ hut is not a walk in the park. In fact, you need to know some important factors first before you can go ahead and start your project. Building a barbecue hut is a sizeable and financially demanding investment, not to mention consuming much of your time and energy into the project. What do you do first if you want to ensure a trouble-free and smooth construction of your barbecue hut?


DIY or Hire a Contractor?

To build your own BBQ hut means constructing a full and complete structural building, regardless of the size and design of the hut you wish to create. You can go for a do-it-yourself project that will surely make a productive pastime for you. But bear in mind that unless you have the woodworking and construction background, building a BBQ hut is definitely a tough and daunting task to begin with. A DIY BBQ hut project gives you the ability to explore the different possibilities of design, enabling you to choose the layout and the kinds of structural designs you wish to integrate into the hut.

Hiring a contractor to make your bespoke hut is also another option, especially if you don’t have the technical skills to start and complete the project. You can hire a contractor to make the BBQ hut in the knowledge these experts have the skills, know-how, experience, and materials. You need not lift a finger because you only have to entrust the project in the hands of the specialists. Contractors closely work and coordinate with their clients in order to get a full picture of the project and get their preferences and needs. Thus, you can rest assured that they will build your BBQ hut for you, complete with all the details.


Getting the Planning Permission

If you want to build your own BBQ hut, you need to consider the legalities and acquiring planning permission is one of them. It is important that you get the permission needed to build the wooden structure, especially if you are aiming for a much bigger and larger structure. Local planning authorities have their own rules and regulations, stipulating the dimensions, maximum heights, and colours of the BBQ hut that is allowed in your area.

Planning permission is usually imposed in areas that are considered conservation areas or those that have an outstanding natural beauty that must be preserved. Before embarking on a BBQ hut project, make sure you check out the planning considerations along with which type of BBQ hut or cabin to build.

Make your Research in Advance

You can find numerous sources online including free and premium guides to build your own BBQ hut. There are sites that offer partial or complete plans, layouts, and other helpful guides to give you a better and more profound idea on how to create this structure. Barbecue huts are varied in terms of sizes and the overall budget you need for the project. Before deciding on what type of BBQ hut is ideal for your home, you must research all relevant factors including the best location, the materials you need, and the potential setbacks you may encounter along the way.


BBQ Huts from the Ground Up

Before you build your own BBQ hut, there are some essential things you need to consider, such as knowing the best foundation for the structure. A good building, whether it is your usual brick and mortar or timber structures, should always have a strong base. A BBQ hut is a wooden structure with wooden surfaces and it is most likely to rot when it touches and becomes exposed to the ground. There should also be treatment applied to your BBQ hut foundation in order to counteract any rotting issues.

One of the most important things to do is to tantalize the wood to prevent future problems. A strong base contributes to the quality flooring of the structure, the tongue and groove flooring should be ideally not more than 400mm apart, which basically eliminates any floor bounce factors. Getting the floors professionally laid is a must whether you have a wooden or concrete structural building.


Roofing, Wood Quality, and More

In learning, how to build your own BBQ hut, make sure you give due importance to the essentials including the roofing and wood quality. These types of structure are quite susceptible to all weathers and the elements of wear and tear. Go for high-quality and heavy-duty wood species for your BBQ hut. It is best to consider redwood for a superior finish. It is also less susceptible to splitting or twisting, not to mention having a longer lifespan.

One of the most lucrative investments is to build your own BBQ hut. However, before you can enjoy its benefits, take note of the factors you need to consider for a successful and promising project. Get it right and you’ll never regret your investment.

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