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The Advantages of Insulated Log Cabins During the Cold Period

Insulated log cabins have tremendous benefit for physical and mental health. When it comes to selecting an abode that resembles living in close proximity with nature, nothing can beat insulated log cabins.

These cabins are made of wood, reduce the consumption of energy, have natural insulation properties and help reduce the impact on the environment. The wooded structure and the surrounding garden soothes the mind and relaxes the body.

Due to their insulating properties, insulated log cabins are the best place to live in winters or other cold periods when the temperature falls. Let us take look at some of the advantages of living in an insulated log cabin during cold periods.

Natural Insulating Properties

Insulated log cabins, as the name suggests is made up of wooden logs. Wood has tremendous insulating properties that prevents the transfer of heat between the interiors of cabin and the external environment. It means that when the external temperature dips, the heat from the interior of the insulated log cabin is not lost.

The inner parts of these wooden abodes remain heated and there is minimal transfer of heat from the interior of the cabin to the external environment. It keeps the interior climate much warmer than the external environment.

Comparatively, traditionally constructed concrete structures are poor conductor of electricity and hence the heat loss is much faster. Insulated log cabins have much lower requirements for heating equipment such as heaters. Low requirement of heater means that there is reduced consumption of energy. It also considerably reduces the cost of energy consumption.

   *  Wood has natural insulating properties    *  It reduces the transfer of heat from the interiors of the cabin to the external environment    *  The inner weather remains warm and at a comfortable level    *  Due to the low loss of heat, the requirement of heater reduces considerably    *  The reduced use of heater means lower consumption of electricity thereby reducing energy bills    *  The reduction in the energy consumption is to the tune of 25 to 30 percent    *  As compared to houses made of concrete to other materials, insulated log cabins are much more energy efficient

Health Benefits

Insulated log cabins have tremendous health benefits both in terms of physical health and mental wellbeing. Wood has several health benefits. It provides a natural living environment and keeps the body temperatures of those living in wooden structures at a comfortable level.

It improves immunity of the inhabitants of such wooden structures. Also, because insulated log cabins are generally constructed with a garden around it and such cabins are situated in the locations away from the crowd, pollution and buzz of the city.

These cabins provide for a peaceful and quite environment. Also, the garden around the cabin supplies clean air that helps with reduction of several respiratory ailments. Due to the natural lifestyle provided by these insulated log cabins, the physical health of the people living in it improves.

Health related issues such as hypertension, heart diseases, pulmonary problems, and digestive problems improve. The overall health of an individual living in the insulated log cabins improve significantly.

Also, due to the surrounding natural environment, there is a tremendously positive impact on the mental health of the people. The serene and calm environment results in improved mental wellbeing. Reduced noise also results in a calm mind and other mental ailments such as depression, anxiety and irritability reduces considerably.

   *  Insulated log cabins have various physical and mental health advantages    *  Due to the clean and pollution free air, respiratory ailments such as asthma reduce    *  Other physical disorders such as cardiac problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, etc. are also cured.    *  Mental issues like depression, anxiety and mental tiredness also improve.

Cost Efficient

Insulated log cabins are highly cost efficient. They are much cheaper to construct and maintain. If a good quality timber is used for the construction of these log cabins, the cabins last a very long time and require low repairs and maintenance activities.

This reduces cost to a great extent. Due to the insulating properties of these cabins, the requirement of heaters is reduced and subsequently the energy bills are reduced significantly. Due to the health benefits of these insulated log cabins, the medical bills are also reduced.

Also, most of these cabins have a garden surrounding it. It can be used to plant fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are fresh as compared to those bought from the marker and growing them is much cheaper than buying them.

   *  Insulated log cabins are highly cost efficient.    *  The energy bills are reduced to a great extent due to their insulating properties.    *  Due to the health benefits of these cabins, medical expenses also reduce    *  These cabins are cheaper to construct    *  The costs of maintenance of these cabins is also very low due to less wear and tear


Insulated log cabins can be constructed easily at the location by carrying the wooden logs. These logs can easily be assembled by giving them a desirable shapes. The owners of the insulated log cabins can get them built with their own designs.

Such cabins are highly customisable and the owners can give them a personalised look based on their own preferences. Therefore, these cabins can be constructed by making optimum utilisation of the space. Based on one’s requirements, the cabins can be designed accordingly.

Low Humidity Levels Inside the Cabin

Since the insulated log cabins are highly resistant to the external climatic conditions, the items such as furniture inside the cabins are also protected. Due to the insulation, there is low humidity inside the cabins and the objects inside remain protected resulting in longer life of these items and subsequently reducing costs incurred on their repairs or replacements.

Insulated log cabins have several benefits for those living in them. They are highly energy efficient, cost effective and provide various health benefits. The low energy consumption also means that impact of these cabins on the environment is much lower resulting in lower emission of pollutants in the air and reduced carbon footprints.

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