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A Family Weekend House in the Dreamy Valley of Löwenstein Hills in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Daniela & Jochen took over their exceptional leisure property in the mountains with 15 ares of land and a direct view of the surrounding vineyards from their grandmother 7 years ago. They have been enjoying it on the weekends with their caravan ever since. In 2020, the family built themselves a self-sufficient weekend base for a more comfortable leisure experience and are spending weekends with their daughter Suree in a delightful two-storey log cabin house.

How it all began

At the end of 2019, the family decided that it was time to expand their comfort and, instead of spending time in a caravan, they needed to build a weekend house for the whole family to be able to enjoy this beautiful place more comfortably. So, the search for the dream wooden house in the Alpine style began.

One of the most important criteria regarding the supplier and product choice was to find an energy-saving house that does not need to be heated all the time, even in the winter. Thermally insulated wooden house EMMA instantly caught the family’s attention:

"We came across on the internet and were immediately impressed by the 44+44 variant with insulation. An insulated log house from was our first choice. Our special requests were quickly implemented, and the price-performance ratio is simply great. A large patio door was planned, and the interiors were slightly modified to create the best possible space for our family weekends." - Daniela


Daniela has also shared that they are impressed by the quality of triple-glazed wooden windows, which were ordered separately as an accessory. When selecting a log cabin house at, you can modify the internal layout and choose among a vast range of additional products that will make your residential experience even better. Any model can be upgraded to fit a customer’s needs and preferences.

Corona lockdown project

In May 2020, the time came when the wooden house was manufactured and delivered – the “Corona Lockdown Project”, as the family describes it, finally began. Since there were many craftsmen and an architect in the family, there was no doubt that the house would be assembled by themselves.

"Our construction team consisted of 6 people, and we all had a lot of fun with the construction. It is a bit reminiscent of "building Lego", and already on the 4th day, our Emma (without a roof) was already in the garden. The installation of the windows also went smoothly. After a total construction time of approx. 3-4 months, our Emma was ready to move into." - Daniela


Self-sufficient living in a wooden house

Daniela has shared that their family’s main goal with this project was to ensure self-sufficient living in their weekend house, and it was achieved by installing a photovoltaic system on the house. Also, the family already has a well for their water usage. In 2022, another well was built, and no obstacles remained to self-sufficient living in their gorgeous weekend house.

Making a house feel like home

One simply could not miss the homey feeling and cosiness that radiates from the house’s interior pictures. After the assembly was complete, the journey of its interior development began.

“We furnished our Emma with great attention to detail. We bought a lot of wooden furniture second-hand and restored it ourselves.” - Daniela


Cosy and rustic interior design details and furnishing choices nicely complement the classical exterior of the house. We love seeing how beautifully the final project turned out and appreciate all the effort our clients put into making it such a cosy living space.

Two years later…

When we asked Daniela whether they were happy with the house selection and the whole customer journey, she confirmed to us that even after more than 2 years, they would choose again at any time and are very satisfied with the product quality.

“Many thanks to the entire team for always being there to help when we had questions.” – Daniela


An essential component of our work success is happy customers, especially the ones who have already been using and enjoying our products for a while. We are glad that this case was no exception and our customers are enjoying their house as much as they did during the first days. offers superb quality 40 - 180 m² prefabricated log cabin homes that can serve as delightful family summer houses like this one or as fully functional primary residences. If you have a similar project in mind or have a unique vision of how your wooden home should look, we will be happy to fulfil your needs. If you have any questions, call us at 02070994301 or drop us a line at [email protected].


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