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7 Ways to Decorate A Log House in A Country Farm Style

Today, we have a very fast-paced and somewhat lavish lifestyle. The day starts early in the morning and often ends at midnight. We spend our days, weeks, months, years and lives surrounded by luxurious amenities and high-tech electronic gadgets. When we are at work, we spend our time in a well-equipped office, sitting on a plush, giant leather chair working on our laptop. And when we’re at home the scene is not very different, even at home we have extra large leather sofa sets. The only difference is at home the place for the laptop is taken by a plasma TV. In such instances, there are days when one feels the monotonous of one’s lifestyle and feel irritated at this extra luxurious lifestyle. We find it hard to differentiate between our workplace and home.

This fast paced life becomes even more burdensome when you come back after a long vacation spending your time in a cosy, warm cottage or a farmhouse. Without a doubt, farmhouses enable one to experience a laid back lifestyle. The whole setting, aura and feel is so simplistic and relaxed that you forget all your worries and just want to sit back and relax. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be if you could replace your current house with a quaint, farmhouse? You will be pleased to know that simply by decorating your log house in a country farm style you can give it a cosy and peaceful look and feel.

You are definitely going to love country style if you want to get rid of false glamour and over the top designs from your home. Its popularity with individuals is simply timeless because it combines “calm” with a bit of “chic”. It is a great way of decorating your log house minus all the fuss.

Here are a few great ways to add a country farm style to your log house:

   1.  Open shelves or rustic cupboards: Open or rustic shelves can be a great addition to your kitchen area or dining room. You can use them to display your dishes. Many people love their look, but it is also widely believed that they require too much maintenance and effort as they are open to dust and grease. But it is not necessary to go all out with these types of cupboards; you can have a small niche with open shelving. You can use smaller open shelves for things like canisters or spices. For a rustic look you can try plain and painted wood. If you already have cabinets installed in your log cabin, then you can simply remove the middle cabinets along a long row of cabinets. To give the ideal look, place an assortment of canisters and farmhouse style décor.

   2.  Beadboard: Experts recommend that using beadboard can give an instant dash of farmhouse to any wooden house. Sheets of beadboard are affordable and are easy to attach to walls or set up as a backsplash. One thing is certain that you can’t go wrong when adding this architectural feature.

   3.  Country farm style furniture: Natural woods and clean lines are characteristics of a country farm style. To achieve this look for your log house look for seating, coffee tables, end tables and other furniture that have clean lines like primitive pieces with a rustic look. Also, furniture with natural or painted wood in farm colours can help you achieve an ideal look. For this decorating style, curved pieces with turned legs, scalloped aprons and spindles are also good for this decorating style. But remember to avoid heavy detailed carving.

   4.  Wooden countertops: How could one not use wooden countertops when trying to create a log house in country farm style? The warm wood finish creates a texture and glow in your kitchen that other types of countertops cannot offer. Earlier, butcher block countertops were very costly and even considered out of date, but their charm with country farm style has seen an increase in wooden countertops. The best part is you don’t have to worry about their wear and tear as it will only add to the beauty.

   5.  Farmhouse fireplace: A farmhouse without an inviting wood stove or fireplace is incomplete. But a real farmhouse fireplace is not something you can create very easily or buy online. So, you will be left with two options: you can either replicate by turning your current fireplace into one which closely resembles a farmhouse style fireplace, or install a faux fireplace that looks warm even if doesn’t emit any heat. You can use a vintage mantelpiece or create a similar look with reclaimed wood.

   6.  A farmhouse sink: The classic apron sink or farmhouse sink is definitely making a comeback. With the increasing demand of “all things farmhouse”, this kitchen accessory has almost become essential. The most common one is the one made of white ceramic with a single bowl. But you can also go for a more practical double sink bowl for your residential log house.

   7.  Farm style accessories and features: Little extras add a warm finishing touch to your log house. Here are some decorative features and accessories that are great for a country farm style.

Handmade quilts: Handmade quilts not only make great throws, quilts also look beautiful draped over mantles and shelves or even hung on walls.

Woven baskets: Fill baskets with country collectibles, flowers or fruits.

Farmhouse white dishes: This may be one of the simplest ways to add a farmhouse style. They are readily available.

Country candles: Candles will help you add a soft glow to your mantelpiece, shelves or coffee table.

Elements of nature: Garlands and wreaths made of leaves, berries, twigs and flowers increase a country log house’s rustic feel.

Pendant lighting: They are a must have when decorating your log house country farm style.

Slipper tub and chandelier for the bathroom

So, go ahead and use these creative and pocket friendly ideas to create a log house in a country farm style.

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