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5 Ways to Make an Awesome Garden Log Cabin Bathroom

A garden log cabin could be one of the most lucrative investments you ever make. More and more people each year venture into garden cabins to use as a vacation or even a primary residence. Decorating your log home is one of the most important things to consider if you want a coherent feel of the rustic lifestyle. You can start with creating the perfect bathroom that suits a small garden cabin.


5 Tips to Create the Best Garden Log Cabin Bathroom

There are numerous options you can explore when planning a bathroom construction or remodelling your log home. Creative ideas incorporate different elements that accentuate and highlight the best features of the room. A garden log cabin bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, accommodating high foot traffic. So how do you build or decorate the bathroom in your log home?

Here are some of the most helpful tips that are applicable to your log cabin bathroom:

1. Choose the Ideal Theme

You can give your bathroom an entirely different feel that’s unique from the rest of the house. However, following the theme of the entire garden log cabin for coherence is a much easier and simpler option. The bathroom theme allows you to concentrate on a specific genre. One particular theme lets you know what features and ornaments you are looking for.

The following are the popular themes for bathrooms in small log homes:

   *  Nautical/Beach. Beach details are not exclusive to waterfront homes. Make your garden log cabin bathroom an extension of your passion for anything aquatic. Start with blue walls and colourful towels with a breezy aesthetic.

   *  Monochrome/Minimalist. You can keep the rustic look of your bathroom while following a simple, monochromatic theme. Paint the log walls with white colour schemes and accentuate with shiny hardware.

   *  Splash of Pink. Give your log cabin’s bathroom a feminine touch through a dash of pink anywhere. Eye-popping coloured shower curtains and other pink-themed accessories, sinks, and cabinets will do the trick.


2. Pick the Right Wood Tones

The key component of every garden log cabin is natural wood. Make sure you also have this feature in your log home bathroom. The main concern of log cabin owners with natural wood in their bathroom is moisture. You need not make the bathroom all wood, in fact, you can simply put some wood features here and there.

Take note of the following tips and advice on how to make your wood-toned bathroom aesthetically appealing, functional, and moisture-free:

   *  Bring in natural wood accents for bathrooms with tiled walls or drywalls and floors.

   *  Make sure the wood is properly sealed and treated in order to prevent moisture.

   *  Set the rustic look in your garden log cabin bathroom by putting in wood floors, wood vanities, and wood wall panelling.

   *  Extend the wood flooring to the bathroom from other areas of the house such as the main living areas for coherence.

   *  For tiled bathroom floors, you can still give a coherent finish through installing wood panelling. The panelling should have matching wood species and tone that is present in the rest of the log home.

3. Put in Some Texture

Any interior design is not complete without texture. Your garden log cabin bathroom will definitely receive a boost when you combine natural wood tones with certain elements for texture. Add stone with a natural or rough finish to complement your wood tones.

Check out some of these helpful tips for incorporating texture to your wood-toned bathroom:

   *  Stone Selection. There is a wide variety of natural stone to choose from. Bathrooms are a constantly moist and wet place to begin with. Choose stones with properties that would blend well in this particular condition. Slate or travertine stones are good options if you want a low maintenance material. Shower floors do well with natural stone for effect and functionality.

   *  Textured Sink. Add a textured sink to give the bathroom variety in terms of aesthetics. Vessel sinks creatively crafted from a single rock have an eye-catching finish. You can also go for a hammered copper sink for a change.

  *  Centrepieces. Textured centrepieces are remarkable highlights to your garden log cabinbathroom. There are various options for a head-turning textured centrepiece. You can go for a wall-mounted tap made from wrought iron or copper. Other elements from this material may also play as unique focal points such as vanity pulls and accessories.

 4. Play with Colours

It’s always a good idea to maximize the natural light in the bathroom of your garden log cabin. Keep the bathroom colour light by using natural tones and colours. These are colours that occur or you can see outdoors. Choose colours that resemble the sky, fields, pastures, and lakes. The wood’s golden shade keeps the room warm in terms of its tone. Balance the warm tone with natural greens or lighter blue and other cool colours.

Dark tile floors could be balanced with lighter wall shades. Matching colours for the walls and floors is also a good option in order to visually enlarge the bathroom space. Light up the bathroom in your garden log cabin through painting the drywall or use overhead lighting and wall sconces.


5. Accessorize with Design Details

The rustic and natural look of the garden log cabin should be maintained in the ornaments and decorations in the bathroom. You can use the following design ideas to accentuate this important space in your log home:

   *  Plants. Bring nature inside the bathroom through hanging a pot of plants or two. You can use small potted plants and display them on the shelves.

   *  Mirrors. Use an important element in the bathroom and maximize its decorative feature. Frame it above the sink using materials such as stone mouldings and wood boards.

   *  Fabrics. Choose light-coloured fabrics such as throw rugs, towels, and window coverings.

Highlight the bathroom in your garden log cabin. It is an important space in your log home that offers both functionality and aesthetics in one.

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