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10 Most Interesting Wooden Buildings around the World

A simple residential cabin may well be your cup of tea, but did you know that there are many interesting wooden buildings in different parts of the globe? You will never again look at cookie-cutter homes after your discover these amazing, eccentric, and one-of-a-kind wooden buildings. There are some structures in the list that are solely for commercial purposes, however you will be amazed at how the owners of some of these peculiar wooden buildings also use the structure just like any other ordinary residential cabin.

Residential Cabin or the World’s most Amazing House

The world is undeniably full of surprises, especially when it comes to woodworking. You will be surprised at how some people have the ingenuity to transfer a simple wooden residential cabin into one of the world’s most unconventional homes or buildings. The great news is that you can certainly find them all across the globe. The uniqueness of these wooden buildings is proof of the creativity of architects and wooden building enthusiasts.

Take a look at the top 10 most interesting wooden buildings:

Wooden Skyscraper, Arkhangelsk Russia

A former Russian gangster is the mastermind behind the creation of this rare and colossal wooden building. The original concept of the structure was to be a two-story building as the owner’s living space. The structure, however, did not become a residential cabin as originally planned. The owner and builder, Nikolai Sutyagin, changed his initial plans after visiting wooden houses in Norway and Japan. In his quest to further and more efficiently maximize the roof space, he kept building until the structure became a multi-layer skyscraper. Regardless of losing his millions due to a stint in prison, Sutyagin managed to keep the wooden skyscraper, making it his residential cabin where he still lives with his wife on the bottom floor.

BC Passive House Factory, Pemberton, British Columbia

This wooden building was the first of its kind in a small town that is in the midst of a vast mountain range. It is not a residential cabin, but the 1,500 square metre facility is basically designed to produce prefabricated wall panels. Due to its main purpose of consuming minimal energy, the building is also referred to as Passivhaus or Passive House constructions.

Floating House, Krasnosilka/Ukraine

One of the most interesting wooden buildings can be found a kilometre from Krasnosilka, Odes’ka Oblast in Ukraine. There are limited details regarding this floating house or barn. It is more of an optical illusion to some rather than a realistic wooden residential cabin. The bottom cones are made of metal, which also hold the structure. The wooden building, with some metal composite, was originally a part of a station used for sorting potatoes.

The Biosphere Tree House, Manoa Valley Oahu

A great Indian banyan plays host to this wooden wonder. The seven-level wooden tree house is far from the idea of a residential cabin. However, it is a truly amazing site to behold with its transparent roofs, hanging bridge, composting toilet, and stunning views. The sea beyond Waikiki and the valley are not your usual panoramic backdrop when you use the “star dome” swings or other areas in the house.

Forsinard Lookout Tower, Dubh Lochan Sutherland Scotland

Icosis Architects spearheaded the construction of this larch-clad, cylindrical observation tower. It is, however not pure wood as the building is a combination of steel and timber inside and out. It may not be your ideal residential cabin but the tower offers a bird’s eye view of the picturesque bog land as well as the Scottish night skies.

National Arboretum Buildings, Gloucestershire, England

There is an additional attraction in the National Arboretum in Gloucestershire. At first glance, they may look like a simple series of residential cabin. However, these wooden structures are woodland maintenance buildings that are made solely from waste timbers.

Alnwick Garden Tree House, Northumberland, England

Considered one of the largest tree houses in the world, the Alnwick Garden wooden tree house covers an area of 6,000 square feet. Imagine it as your colossal residential cabin but located in a public garden space. It is basically used as a learning centre with play areas, rope bridges, and turrets. Within the area is a restaurant complete with an elegantly rustic fireplace.

Nicholas Hunt Wooden Micro Studio, Brooklyn, NY

This is a typical residential cabin with a remarkable twist. The renowned American architect Nicholas Hunt created his own sanctuary with this micro studio. The mainly wooden structure is conveniently based in his Brooklyn home’s backyard. The main purpose of the studio is for solitude in the midst of the vast New York City landscape. This clean and simple retreat boasts a cinder block foundation, standard wooden frames, salvaged cedar siding, and wooden walls.

Kotten Trail Centre, Kungälv Sweden

The new giant woodland trail centre is a replacement for an old activity centre located in the Fontin nature reserve. The pine cone inspired wooden structure offers a wide array of features such as lockers and changing rooms, a café, and showering facilities. Outdoor enthusiasts may exchange their residential cabin for this trail centre as a temporary respite. The enormous wooden shingles are the obvious and undeniable features of the structure. It is mainly made of Organo Wood planks, known for their fire and rot resistant characteristics. The special façade, rough wooden design, and light aesthetics blend with the natural landscapes surrounding the building.

Corallo House, Guatemala City

This unique wooden structure is far from a simple and typical residential cabin. In fact, it is located among trees that are situated on a densely forested hillside. The living spaces interact with the nature of this structure that highlights tons of wood textures and imprints. The wooden structure seamlessly flows with the natural contours of the surroundings.

Put an exciting and outstanding twist on the residential cabin that you once knew. The top 10 wooden buildings in this list are proof that anything is possible with the ingenuity of modern day woodworks.

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