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10 Facts You Need To Know About Wooden House Buildings

Living in a residential log cabin is an experience that can be hardly matched by any other kind of living. These wooden house buildings are the best way to relax and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Residential log cabins offer a peaceful and calm life and are a brilliant getaway from the noise, pollution and crowd of the cities. Log homes are situated in natural habitats and this results in a better physical and mental health. Wood, in itself has several properties that are beneficial for humans. This article enumerates few of them.

Natural Insulation

Wood is a natural insulator. It means that those living in a residential log cabin are protected from the severity of the external climatic conditions. Even if it is very cold outside in winters, the internal temperature of a residential log cabins remains at a uniform level.

Sudden dips in the temperature do not have an equal impact on the temperature of the interiors of a wooden building. In contrast, the internal temperature of concrete structures fluctuates immediately when the external weather changes.

It makes a wooden house building, like a residential log cabin a comfortable and cosy place to live. Those living in a wooden house have better physical and mental health as they live in an environment with stable temperature.

Thermal benefits

Wood is thermally beneficial. Other material used in the constructions such as concrete, cement and metals are affected by the increase or the decrease in the heat. Most of these materials that are generally used in constructions of a building expand when the temperatures rise.

It affects their structural cohesion resulting in damages. Wood, on the other hand does not expend even in intense heat. Even when the temperature is too low, wood is not affected. It helps preserves the integrity of the structure. Residential log cabins therefore have a longer life and face less damages due to the changes in the heat.

Acoustical advantages

Many musical instruments are made of wood. It is because of the acoustical properties of the wood. It is also the reason why music concerts are held in halls that have wooden walls. Wood absorbs sound resulting in less noise and echo.

Residential log cabins enjoy the same properties of the wood. There is low noise in the interiors and these wooden house buildings provide a peaceful and quiet living environment. Also, if you like to play music, the noise absorbing property of the wood along with the serene and beautiful environment of a wooden house is the best setting.

Energy efficiency

Wooded buildings are highly energy efficient. Due to their natural insulating properties, wooden structures like the wooden house require less use of temperature control equipment. During winter they offer warmer interiors and in summer, the internal temperature is relatively cool. It reduces the dependency on high energy consuming equipment such as heaters or air conditioners.

Resistant to electricity

Wood is resistant to electricity that makes wooden houses buildings a safer option to live as compared to other types of structure. There is a very little chance of fire due to short circuit. Log house are situated near woods where there is a greater chance of lightening during rains. Wood provides a safer option by protecting against any untoward instances due to its resistance to electricity.


A wooden house building is more aesthetically pleasing than any other type of building. The natural shapes on the timber make a wooden house naturally attractive and beautiful. Such wooden buildings are visually appealing and attractive.

Such aesthetic beauty make wooden houses relaxing, comfortable and cosy to live. Also, various wooden furniture and décor items that match the overall theme of residential log cabins can be used to further enhance their aesthetic and natural beauty.

Environment Friendly

Due to less consumption of energy, wooden houses have low carbon emission levels. Such wooden buildings are environment friendly. Those who are concerned about their carbon footprint and subsequent impact on the environment, can choose a residential log cabin as their dwelling place.

These wooden structures, due to the kind of material used in their construction also help keep the environment clean and safe. These characteristics of a residential log cabin helps improve the physical health and mental wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Natural habitat

Residential log cabins are constructed away from populations. These are usually situated in rural locations or near the woods. Such wooden structures therefore provide a natural habitat. Due to its proximity to the nature, residential log cabins are immensely beneficial for health of those living in them.

Such structures are away from the pollution and noise of urban areas making them the perfect place to live. Living in such wooden homes have several health related benefits. Also, such cabins are great source of fresh and clean air.


Residential log cabins are made of timber logs that are lightweight. Hence, they are easier to construct. It is easy to carry the wooden logs to the location where a wooden house would be built. It makes the transportation easier and also cost effective.

Constructing such wooden houses buildings is also easy as compared to building concrete buildings. Even in the instances of any damages, it is easier to replace the damaged wooden logs and replacing them with new ones, which can also be carried to the location of the residential log cabin.

Resistant to oxidation

Wood has resistance to oxidation. Oxidation is the reason for rust and consequent damages in metals. But, wood is protected from any such oxidation giving wooden buildings a longer life. A residential log cabin therefore faces less wear and tear, thereby reducing the requirements for maintenance and repair activities.

Wooden houses buildings such as the residential log cabins offer several benefits due to their inherent traits mentioned in this article. Such structures are more resilient to weather and other natural elements, have longer life, energy efficient, cost effective and environment friendly. A residential log cabin offers the best way to live a peaceful, happy and healthy life.

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