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Some Interesting Ideas How to Use Your Wooden Carport

A wooden residential cabin is incomplete without few external elements that add to its beauty. A beautiful garden and a well-designed wooden carport significantly add to the attractiveness of a wooden cabin.

A carport is not just a parking spot for the cars of the residents of the cabin; it is an essential element of the entire setup made from natural elements such as wood. Being creative with the wooden carport makes the whole structure look unique and magnificent.

Building a Carport with Sloping Roof

Instead of using a flat roof structure for your wooden carport, you may instead choose to build a carport with a sloping roof. Even under the sloping roof, there are several options that you can consider depending upon the size of your carport.

A sloping roof, as compared to a flat roof gives the carport a markedly different look. Even from a distance this look will be visible, and it will add immensely to the attractiveness of your wooden carport as well as the residential cabin.

Using Glass Panes

You can have one or two sides of your wooden carport covered with glass panes. Use a good quality glass to ensure that they are long lasting. It is a good idea to have a wooden wall on one side of the carport and glass panes fitted in a wooden frame on the other side.

The glass will allow natural light to enter the carport and also make the interiors of your wooden carport visible through the glass. Using a combination of wood and glass is a brilliant method to enhance the beauty of your wooden carport and the overall structure including the carport, residential cabin and the garden.

Stand Alone Structure for the Wooden Carport

If you have sufficient space, build a wooden carport that has an independent structure. This way it can be given a unique look and will not look like a mere side extension of your wooden cabin.

You can build the structure using stylish looking pillars supporting the roof. Such a structure can have three open sides with one side covered with a wooden wall. These pillars will give the looks to the wooden carport similar to traditional and exotic structures.

Storage Space

Your carport can be used to store additional equipment and other material that otherwise cannot be stored inside the house. If you have a standalone carport with three open sides, you can build the additional storage space towards the covered side. You can store several items into this extra space and can access them easily when needed.

Carport Attached to the Residential Cabin

Another way to build a timber carport apart from a standalone structure is to construct one attached to the side of your wooden cabin. One of the covered sides of the carport will be the wooden wall of the cabin.

You may choose to cover the other end with a wooden wall or a wooden frame with glass panes or leave it open with just neatly crafted pillars. You can also build a small cabin over the carport with its roof at the same level as your wooden cabin.

Alternately you may choose a sloping roof with one side at the level of the roof of the residential cabin while the other side will be at a lower level. If you choose to build a small cabin, it can also be used as a storage area or an additional room accessible from inside the residential house.

Internal Decoration

With a little creativity, you can make your wooden carport something more than just a space to park your car. Just like your wooden cabin, you can choose to have few décor items place in your carport. You can keep few flower vases in the carport to help it blend with the natural beauty of your garden around it.

You can also hang a few creative artworks such as paintings or photographs on the walls of your carport. Using wooden frames for these artworks is a good idea, and it will help them match the overall wooden theme. You can also have a couple of wooden artefacts placed in the carport.

Trees Around the Carport

Trees around the carport with overarching branches make your wooden carport look unique. If the carport is standalone, the trees can be planted on two opposite sides which when grow would have overarching branches on top of the carport creating an illusion of being in the woods.


Install four light bulbs in the four corners of the roof of your wooden carport. If the area of your carport is large, you can have more lights instead of four in the corner. These lights will enhance the beauty of the wood used to construct your carport as well as improve visibility at the night.


You can use some creativity here and identify the matching tiles for your carport. You can select from a variety of tiles available on the market that match the colour and textures of the wooden walls of your carport. Using porcelain tiles for the floor of your carport is a good option.


If you have sufficient space in your carport, you can place a couple of benches in it. Your wooden carport will double up as a place to relax and have a leisurely snack or coffee in the evening. Benches can also be used by children for various activities that otherwise are not possible inside the wooden cabin.

As compared to traditional concrete carports, a wooden carport has a longer life, less wear and tear and requires lesser maintenance. It can be designed creatively to improve its looks.

A carport is an important part of your wooden cabin and by implementing some of the above ideas; based on your personal likes, shape, size and area of your carport, you can give it a unique look that will match the beauty of your wooden residential cabin. A wooden carport offers the ability to customise it the way you want and give it a unique and different look to reflect your taste.

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