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Introducing our range of SIPS panel homes!


Advanced “sandwiching” technology allows SIPS panel homes to reach amazingly low U-values – and in addition to this they come with great sound insulation, too! Moreover, unlike timber-framed houses, SIPS buildings do not “settle down” over time so you do not have to worry about insulation gaps appearing or cracks in your plaster finish!

The panels are so light that a team of two can easily lift every piece and install it in a couple of days! The panels do not absorb any moisture at all so mould or fungus are not a problem! Also, for your safety and health, the panels come pre-treated with fire resistant hazard free treatment.

Finally, this technology is used in areas where environmental pollution is strictly controlled as they do not emit any construction waste or any materials that might cause allergies! SIPS panel homes are a great solution to keep yourself within a budget, have a lovely home and definitely make your neighbours jealous! You can choose your internal trim – just let us know what you are after and our professional assembly team will certainly fulfil your requests.


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